Xiaomi’s New Dirt Cheap Ultrasonic Fan is Perfect to Beat The Heat

Xiaomi’s subsidiary Doco, known for its inexpensive regular use products, has launched a cheap hand fan cum humidifier targeted towards individuals who have to travel via public transport in the current weather.

Design and Construction

The fan looks like a typical handheld fan but has a built-in misting feature as well. It weighs only 155g and is designed to fit in small bags. The device is equipped with a stand-like handle as well. Hence, it can be placed on a flat surface like a mini pedestal fan.

It is available in green, white, and pink colors.


Like most handheld portable fans, the Xiaomi Doco Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan is powered by a DC brushless motor that operates very quietly, is very power efficient, and does not have any heating issues. According to the company, this motor has a 50% longer lifespan as compared to other regular motors.

The device features three wind speed option with the following rotations per minute:

  • Low: 3200 rpm
  • Medium: 4100 rpm
  • High: 5100 rpm

The misting speed can also be adjusted. When turned on, the misting feature can reduce the wind’s temperature by 3 degrees.

The fan is equipped with a centrifugal misting system that produces a fog of water droplets that induce a cooling effect but do not cause dampness in the surrounding areas.

The Doco ultrasonic dry misting fan is fueled by a 2000mAh lithium battery that provides 12 hours of the functionality at low speed, 9 hours on medium, and 3.4 hours on full blast, when fully charged.

Pricing and Availability

The product is currently available on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform in China and costs around $10. We are unsure whether it will be sold on Xiaomi Pakistan’s website or not.

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