Banks Asked To Facilitate Prize Bond Holders

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken notice of the banks reluctant to facilitate prize bonds holders at their branches asking them to improve their services with enhanced measures.

It has been observed that commercial banks have not been extending the desired level of support to their customers in availing the facility on payment of prize money & face value of National Prize Bonds through their bank branches, SBP said.

The head office/regional offices of each commercial bank shall reiterate the instructions to extend maximum support to their customers in this regard at all designated branches of the banks.

Efforts shall be made to increase the number of designated branches for the subject facility so as to enhance the outreach and ensure adequate geographic coverage, it said.

The information about the availability of this facility shall be prominently displayed on the banks’ official website and also in the premises of the designated branches for information of the general public.

Customer service officials shall facilitate/brief customers on the availability of this facility in their respective branches.

  • state bank of pakistan withheld the sale of prize bond it is come to my knowledge when i visited three times to state bank sialkot. it is therefore, requested kindly look into this issue.

  • Pot calling the kettle black. The service of prize bonds is poorest at State Bank of Pakistan itself.

  • SBP should start mobile banking service during corona pandemic to facilitate the older citizen who are reluctant to visit SBP branches

  • SBP Muzaffarabad is only a desk where one can purchase or can get prize even lowesr prize,whereas, other banks does not deal with bonds.It is demand of day to instruct all banks to deal prize bonds sale and purchase.

    • Dear Raja Shaukat Sab,
      Since Last one month, SBP MZD is not selling bonds, they ask on first entry that if you want to sell your bonds then go inside, otherwise go back as their is no bonds sales. Why SBP is discouraging the small amount of savings by poor people. Really unfortunate and its my personal experience

  • I have muster enough of courage first to visit SBP wth regards to purchase/claim of my prize money .fresh bonds one can’t get more than few. But right in front of SBP PESH one can get fresh bonds any numbers by paying more .
    Please make following attachment of selling , buying and claiming prize money.

    National savings centres
    All National banks
    All other commercial banks

  • State bank pakistan karachi ain branch ii chnadigarh is a,so not selling /parchasing nonds

  • Allied Bank branch at DHA 2 Islamabad deal in prize money of Rs 100/-bonds. in this era of corona virus, i can not affort to go to SBP. So what to do?. How to claim prize money for higher prized bonds

  • If some can tell thre bank branches in Lahore which can ficilitate for payment of prize money / purchae of prize bond, as I also face the same problem

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