Foreign Woman Arrested in Pakistan On Cybercrime Charges

Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) has arrested a female foreigner and her accomplice for being involved in financial scams worth more than Rs. 5 million.

FIA said that the woman, a Nigerian national, had scammed several Pakistanis through various cybercrime activities.



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She used to befriend people on social media posing herself as a US citizen, offering people to settle in the US in return for money. She used bank accounts of her accomplice to transfer money looted from naive people, the cybercrime wing said. A case has been registered against the accused under cybercrime laws.

Earlier in February, FIA informed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence that cybercrimes had increased significantly and that it had received over 56,000 complaints during 2019.


FIA Sindh Launches New Online Portal to Register Cyber Crime Complaints

The FIA officials briefed the committee regarding cyber crimes committed.

Out of the 56,696 complaints received by the agency, 11,028 were investigated, and 1,086 cases were registered.

The officials said that they have raised the number of the anti-cybercrime offices to 15, to improve action against such acts.

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