Pakistan Wasted Water Worth Rs.132 Billion in Two Months

Pakistan has wasted 800,000-acre-feet of usable water since April 1, as this massive quantity of water flowed down into the Arabian Sea. This was revealed by the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) in its report.


It said that Pakistan wasted Rs. 132 billion by not utilizing this water over the past two and a half months. IRSA explained that wastage of one million acre-feet water is equal to a loss of around $1 billion.


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Pakistan is estimated to lose around 20 million acre-feet of water this year due to the shortage of reservoirs, the report said.

Officials revealed that every year, around four million acre-feet of water is declared unusable due to sand and mud accumulation in different dams. The authority has recommended the establishment of water reservoirs with a capacity of 20 million acre-feet on an immediate basis.


  • That’s true but when the time will come when Pakistan would be able to build new Dem except that of Tarbella Dam

  • the “wasted” term seem “vested interest” here. any water that goes to the sea helps rehabilitate the DELTA which in turn give you plenty of sustainable food options, also it reduces the area which comes underwater as the ocean water rises on daily basis…… so yeah

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