Five Sisters from KP Set a New Record in CSS Final Examination 2019

Women empowerment in Pakistan means that more women are challenging the stereotypes, contributing more and more in the country’s progress.

Women in Pakistan are creating history, breaking barriers, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with men in all fields. Whether its sports, medicine, civil services, or any other profession, women have demonstrated great strength by overcoming bias and discrimination in a male-dominated society.

The youngest of Sher sisters, Zoha Malik Sher, has also cleared the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination, marking the first time in history that five sisters have all become bureaucrats. In the recently announced CSS 2019 result, Zoha joined her sisters, Laila, Shireen, Sassi, and Marvi Malik Sher to set a rare record. Zoha is an IR graduate from National Defence University.


FPSC Announces CSS 2019 Final Result

Hailing from Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Sher sisters were encouraged by their father, Malik Rafiq Awan, who is a retired WAPDA officer, since their childhoods. Malik Rafiq has expressed his joy over the success of her daughters, adding that there was a time when his relatives were sorrowed over Zoha’s birth.

Mother Khursheed Begum is also ecstatic on Zoha’s induction into the elite civil services. The parents have said that they never regretted the birth of their 5th daughter.

Here’s a history of when the Sher sisters passed their CSS exams and where they have been allocated:

  • Laila Malik Sher (2008) – Deputy Commissioner at the Board of Revenue in Karachi
  • Shireen Malik Sher (2010) – Director of the National Highway Authority in Islamabad
  • Sassi Malik Sher (2017) – Deputy Executive CEO Chaklala Cantonment, Rawalpindi
  • Marvi Malik Sher (2017) – Additional Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad
  • Zoha Malik Sher (2019)

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Head of Sports and LENS at

  • Panchvi ko jo post mile woh bhi bata dena. Inke mobile numbers, facebook aur email bhi de dete takey hamare farig chaval log inko harass kare

  • Accept the reality, our awam wants to join CSS not because they want to serve the public but because they love power, position, and authority…in case of girls “acha rishta”.

    Many engineers, doctors who study in public universities later join CSS, these seats go in waste as they do not serve as engineers or doctors. But on the other side clearing CSS is easy for these professions.

  • If any Profession will be concentrated within some families then the Monopoly will be established and this is dangerous. Pakistan is controlled by some families since the creation of Pakistan. I know one family with 7 Army ( PAF, Navy and Ground) Officers from within one small family. Then Rich Businessmen marry from these families to get more control.

    These types of selections will not help us in the future. Just imagine that in the future this one family will have 5 Grade 20-21 officers. They will have a certain ideology and this one family will be able to influence millions of Pakistanis.

  • I want to congratulate Malik Rafeeq Awan Sahib for Raising 5 Brilliant Daughters.
    But at the same time I am a little critical that too much power within one family can create inequality in the future. CSS pool must must be diverse to bring real change.

  • These are the daughters of whole nation,
    Every Pakistani should proud of all the sisters.their education and success will be encouraged to those parents who have the daughters only.
    May Allah Subhan O Tallah protect all of them from the bad and evil eyes of the jealous people.

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