K-Electric Announces to Increase Load Shedding in Karachi

K-electric has announced to increase the timings of power outage during the ongoing summer season owing to fuel shortage.

In a statement, the spokesperson of the electric supply company said that due to relaxation in the coronavirus restrictions and reopening of business, the demand for electricity has surged in the metropolis.


K-Electric Warns of Increased Loadshedding This Summer

He maintained that due to the lockdown, the supply of furnace oil has also been disturbed due to which the power generation has been affected, resulting in increased electricity load-shedding in Karachi and adjacent areas.

This current situation was further compounded late Friday night due to an unexpected technical fault at its Bin Qasim Power Station (BQPS)-1.


KE Rolls Back Inflated Average Bills After Fierce Public Backlash

People were angry at the deteriorating situation of power supply and said that they endure 12-hour announced and unannounced load-shedding every day.

Deprived of basic human needs like water and electricity, people are now calling for the federal and Sindh government to take notice of the situation. They maintained that every year, K-electric creates an artificial fuel shortage to get funds from the government while the corporation also increases charges in bills.

  • kuch nai hoga jab tak imran governor rule nai lagata sindh mein. aur aisa imran kabhie nai karega bcoz that will require spine.

    • گورنر رول لگانے کا مشورہ دینے والے پر خدا کی لعنت بیشمار۔ آمریت کی پیدائیش دھشتگردی میں پلی بڑھی ھے اس لیئے ان کو جمہوریت میں رہنے میں مزا نھی اتا

  • Bara Shoq Hota Hai Na Election Mai Vote Dainay Ka …..
    Tou Pher Bhugto Kabhi Electric Shortage, Kabhi Aataa Shortage, Kabhi Petrol Shortage, Kabhi Sugar Shortage, Kabhi Gas Shortage, Kabhi Tomato / Pyaz Shortage, Kabhi Medicine / Mask Shortage !

    Awam Ko Aqal Aaneey Kabhi Nahi.

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