Saeed Ajmal Makes a Bold Prediction About Pakistan-England Test Series

Former off-spinner, Saeed Ajmal, has unveiled what he thinks might be the the outcome of Pakistan tour to England. He has termed England as clear favorites against Pakistan in the upcoming Test series. Pakistan team is full of youngsters, Ajmal said, adding that it will be a surprise for him if they can win even one match on the tour.

Pakistan is scheduled to play 3 Tests in August, followed by a 3-match T20I series in September.

I think England are clear favourites because Pakistan’s track record in Test cricket, in the recent past, is not very good. I would be surprised if Pakistan even wins one match. Our team is inexperienced and has a lot of young players in it.


England Batsman Says Saeed Ajmal Was a Better Magician Than Muralitharan

The Magician is in favor of a limited crowd for the matches, saying that matches without fans is similar to deaf cricket where no one is sitting in the stands to watch the game.

It would be boring for players and, in a way, similar to deaf cricket because there will be no crowd to watch the match. I would request the authorities to allow a limited number of fans in the stadium. For example, 1,000 people in a venue with a capacity of 10,000.

On the last two tours, Pakistan did quite well as they managed to draw both the Test series in 2016 (2-2) and 2018 (1-1).

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