PTA Bans PUBG in Pakistan

In view of complaints received from different segments of society, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to temporarily suspend the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game.

PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, a wastage of time and poses a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the children.


PUBG Mobile Gets New Smaller Map & 5v5 Mode

According to recent media reports, cases of suicide attributed to the PUBG game have also been reported.

Lahore High court has also directed PTA to look into the issue and decide the matter after hearing the complainants. In this regard, a hearing is being conducted on 9th of July 2020.

The Authority also decided to solicit views of the public with reference to the said online game. In this regard, the public is encouraged to provide feedback through [email protected] by July 10, 2020.

  • Ban this ban that. Why not ban Internet as a whole. I am afraid that PTA will ban anything related to internet someday. But I must say that our IT industry is already struggling and banning a famous game like that will further worsen our reputation as a country with so much restrictions.

  • The head of PTA is a General with no background in Commercial IT Operations. This is what happens when Professional institutes are run by Non-Professionals.

    • #UnBan PUBG Mobile
      Don’t ban pubg ,It will affect all the gamer youtubers of Pakistan and It will not help Pakistan do something good. Please UnBan Pubg Moblie for god sake, don’t do this to us. #UnBan PUBG Mobile in Pakistan!!! .

    • You are right
      People think only about themselves not other people but our prime minister is thinking of everyone the rich and poor

  • This is going to affect esports scene in Pakistan.
    It would be better if they add age restriction on it.

  • Yep, they ******* did it…. I do not understand our stone age mentality. If your child kills him self over a game, then blame the parents and the environment he is in, charge them with child negligence and flog them in public. Hiding behind an app to hide your short comings as a parent shows how little our society has progressed. There is no evidence that games cause cause people to be violent, and if you cant control your child’s phone, please don’t have children. More people commit suicides because of studies, jobs and failed relationships.

    Lastly If you want control how people use their phones, please ban apps like, tiktok, facebook and twitter, oh god please ban twitter, so Imran khan can focus on being a PM and stop being a nicompoop like trump.

    • Please don’t compare Trump to IK. IK has no idea on how to run a country which is not surprising considering the military chose him. Pretty much everything else you said I agree with. I think I lost a few brain cells reading the responses of people liking this ban here. Thank God I no longer live here…a country without any human rights slowly becoming like china…good riddance

  • Yes end each and every opportunity of entertainment for the young people of Pakistan. And then complain that why Pakistani youth only watch Po** all the time

  • Ban LudoStar, 8 Ball pool, FIFA and cricket games as well as they are also addictive and have impact on the physical and psychological health. Yet another stupid and strange decision.

  • pti ki govt my agar acha kam howa hy tu yee hy is k bandish sy young genration bach jayee gi

  • Simple, parents should not give their children phones/ mobile and watch what they playing or watching on pc, laptop, tables until they are 18 years old.
    If parents give they children and don’t have supervision than, its the parents fault only.

  • If only the government put as much effort into anti-fraud measures so as to allow companies like Paypal, Amazon etc to come here. What a joke. Welcome to Naya pakistan!

  • bad decision in my opinion.
    Parents are there to teach what is right or wrong to kids, there are knives in every home, keeping them away isn’t anyone elses responsibility while parents use them or should government ban them too.
    What is wrong or right morally due to a group of people thinking in a certain wah becomes a dictatorship and we start banning if we don’t like anything. Moral policing is not an amicable way, especially when there are lots of constructive things government and authorities can do.
    Banning is against Pakistan’s constitution, right of a person.
    Banning results in such people going elsewhere with not much entertainment so u can guess what else they will do
    Cricket is addictive, u don’t ban it, many kids ignore other things due to cricket if their parents don’t stop
    Banning has a negative effect on pakistans eSports which was slowly growing
    Authorities and government should take a step back and think about rights of Pakistanis and giving them a peaceful time and easing their life

    • Knife is something usefull atleast, this game is thrash and wastage of time you dont know what trouble we as a parent are into my children behaves like a phsychopath if asked to leave the screen.
      Cricket is a physical activity and should not be discouraged. Please stop comparing this mentally harmfull game with cricket, knife tomato and watermelons. Your all comparisons are so useless and arguments are baseless. Stop playing PUBG before you become a complete sick head.

  • The whole world moves one step forward and Pakistan is only moving backwards by yards. SMH

  • YouTube ban kar k dekh lia
    Pub g ban kar k dekh Lo- koi faida nahi hona
    Kabi parenting ki taraf focus kar lein. bachy ko game nahi kehlny di unho ne suicide kar lia. Kia mila parents ko? dead body. Ab yehi parents ne bachon ki achi tarbiyat ki hoti to wo is tarah k kam na karty.
    Case to Parents pe hona chahiye.

    • parental neglect ka case hona chahiye, they dont care for their children and insist ban video games. Ruining it for millions of others that play it in a controlled manner

  • pubg ki waja sa bacha gar sa bahir nahi gata tha to ap fir is game ko kuyu banned karraha hain

  • if your’ on iOS. just change your store location to any African/middle Eastern/south east Asian/European/Pan-American country by giving any fake address after googling through city addresses. It’ll work for you, coz its been working for me as I’m on CANADA app store.

  • Why you have banned PUBG this game is the career of some people.Why you have not banned the Google And Youtube there are such dirty things in there

  • Dear Sir,

    Hope you are fine and doing well.

    First of all we are really shocked how the image of pubg is being portrayed out there that it’s a killer game. People commit suicide because of pubg, just because of their media ratings news channels are portraying this game as an enemy of society.

    There are some factors you should consider aswell.

    1) Pubg is a game that made e sports revolution happen in the world, look at other countries how they are making millions just by playing this game. In Pakistan E sports scenario came to life just be cause of pubg and people have already opted this as their career. This is not the youth of 90s. They want to build their career in esports just like other countries like india / china. By banning this you would be crushing the dreams of many who wants to excell and do good for pakistan case in point “Arslan Ash won the taken gaming tournament and represented the Pakistan flag at international Platform”

    Team Freestyle won a tournament and Currently will represent the Green flag at international platform for the world championship of PUBG

    2 Pubg helps you from alot of social ills.
    Yes you read that right. Media is portraying this game as it’s playing with minds of youth. Let’s see some facts.
    Alot of our youth was indulge in immoral activities before this game came. These includes smoking, drinking, porn addiction, Pubg got rid of these all now if you ask me what would i prefer? My child watching a porno or playing a game obviously i would go for a game. This game is only for entertainment purposes it never never encourages anyone to commit a suicide. It’s helping alot of your youth to get up from the despairs they have fallen into.

    3 There is a livlehood problem as well.

    We know about the job shortage for youth in Pakistan. Many people get their Degrees and they are not given a job and they commit suicide because of that, do we blame the education system then? No we don’t.
    As i said earlier many youth in Pakistan have already opted e sports career as their way of earning. There are countless youtubers in Pakistan who are earning handsome and helping the ovens of their homes. If you even consider banning this, consider this as well you would be putting out the livelyhood of alot of people.

    4 Why do people commit suicide?

    People don’t commit suicides for a game, Games are there for entertainment purposes only, and pubg is also an entertainment game. As i said if a youth goes into a college does good gets good grades and still he couldn’t find a job and commits suicide. Should we ban the education system? Should we ban all the government and private institutions as one guy couldn’t got the job. That’s not how it works.

    5 Why people commit suicides??

    There’s an major issue which we never ever give our attention to. That’s DEPRESSION.
    Our kids, friends, brothers, sisters tell us that he/ she is depressed, what is our reply?

    “Depression kuch nahi hota, sahi ho jaye ga khud e”

    when you leave a person alone, when there’s so much pressure on him that he can’t handle all the things that are being thrown towards him, when his family abandons him at the time he needed them the most, then that person goes for that suicidal thoughts.

    A Game could never encourage you to go for a suicide. Pubg is the best thing out there to fight depression. You are tensed after working long hours in office play a match and you will be relaxed. You got free from home chores cooking and all play a game you will feel good.

    In the end our conclusion is this that a game that has so many plus points shouldn’t be banned. There are alot of wrongs in our society we should correct them instead of banning a harmless game.

  • PUBG is a good game. Please unbanned it or we will protest it. JAY PUBG

    • O bhai apna ilaj karwa ja k imran khan ki bat karta ha ghady ko jis trf lat maro wo usi trf jata ha apna rasta ni badlta or pubg ki bat karty ho mobile 1gb wala ho ga ya khelni ni ati ho gi so #unban pubg

  • Pubg is very addictive game just like heroin/cocaine etc. it is the right decision to block it. it is destroying our youth.

    • No it is not a drug.It’s a game.It is dependent on who plays.some players
      Take it like real it is not pubg’s

  • Please nobannd pubg in pakistan sir dhak ma 2017 sa khal rha ho muja ach tak kuch nhai ho jin boys na subsided ki ap 1 dafa 1 dfa ap un ka as pas ka czn ya friends sa pocha ka on ka masla kia ta Q ka koch log apni problems apni family’s ko nhai bta ta i think ka ap ko cases ki tasdik kar ni chia ho sak ta ha ka on boys ka koi or problems ho example Gf. Stress breakup ya or Koch etc. Dhaka pubg ka alva or b guns valia games ha jasa. 1:csgo 2:call of duty mobile 3:gta5 4:free fire. #unbannd pubg thanks

  • Good decision but banning tiktok is more important than this game and by the way PUBG is working fine on mobile data

  • plzzzz un ban the game the game is really best all pakistan brothers is best game plzz un ban the game

  • People who are supporting the ban here either suck at playing high IQ games which require a hell lot of brain for playing it or are simply ignorant. I’m pretty much sure that these ignorant people do have something in their life towards which they are insanely addicted and that particular thing might be a source of dislike for another individual. So?…Should that thing be banned as well?…We all have both…negativity and positivity around us….both these elements co-exist and they’ll always be like that until this world exists. As a smart human being you must learn to stay away from something you don’t like….instead of wishing it to get banned. Teach your wards/ relatives/ friends or learn from them what is right and what is wrong! Formulate a good insight within you and learn to live your life in a correct way. A lot of people die everyday because of smoking and liquor…shouldn’t these things be banned?…Of course not….there are millions who are employed on these cancerous elements. Banning these unwanted stuffs will only worsen the present situation. The same goes to any online application/games that are being banned just on the grounds that it is addictive…It’s not…we are the one who failed to control our temptation….we misused something which was meant for a great mental relief, if it was used in a productive/controlled way. Dear pakistanis who are supporting this ban, try to introspect….you’ll see the light sooner or later!

  • What the fuck is this man
    Should’nt you think to ban ticktok because it encourages sexual abuse, vulgarity,and the addiction of fame

  • And i dont think pubg is a cancer i think god of war should be banned,gta V should be banned,resident evil should be banned,because these games have adult content in the gameplay but children are playing them.tell me they cant effect on their innocent minds.I am feeling awful to say that there is no proper regulatory authority for the censorship of games in Pakistan. Alot of pitated games which children can buy from store are vulgar,promotes sexual abuse,mental illness but PTA choose only PUBG this is nonsense and fucking behaviour.Very disappointed from PTA.

  • Plz don’t ban? pubg is a Good game n I hope very soon pubg will unban ???

  • This is not the right solution. PUBG saved us from depression, love failure, porn and many other bad habits . Also people are earning from PUBGMOBILE in pakistan just because of some lame excuses you banned #Pubg . We want our #Pubg back as soon as Possible #SayNoToBanPubg

  • Pubg is addicted after it get banned the addicted people can find more
    Addective games.because in ps4,ps5 you can find more addective ban pubg weast of time.PUBG ESPORTS can give financial support.


  • The government is banning everything from VPNs to computer games. This is getting unlivable. Some bank in Pakistan had Netflix banned for their card use. I mean what is going on here. They should ban the Internet too.

  • Pubg ban nahi ho to acha 1 game ko game ki tahra khelo jyada salwar mat karo

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