European Union Bans All Pakistani Pilots From Flying

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has directed its 32 member states to bar Pakistani pilots from flight operations with immediate effect.

The development follows the revelation made by Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, in the National Assembly while presenting the investigation report of PIA’s PK-8303 crash regarding the fake licenses possessed by most of the national carrier’s pilots.


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In an official letter to all its member countries, EASA states:

A sizable portion (approximately 40%) of airline pilot licenses issued by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) are either falsified and or otherwise not International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant.

EASA has recommended all members to suspend all the validations issued to Pakistani pilots and apprise the PCAA about the decision.

Previously, EASA had suspended the PIA’s authorization to operate in European Union member countries for the next 6 months.

  • Thank you Imran Khan.
    Not only you’re serving Pakistan as low as you can, you are killing all the overseas workers jobs.
    I won’t say another nail in your coffin, because, your coffin size is too small for the nails you’re collecting.

  • * chef-blowing-kiss.gif * JUST THE CHERRY ON TOP of this dastardly government’s disastrous cake……. ENJOY PEE-TEE-EYE-ans

  • جناب عمران نیازی،
    آپکا اگلا شکار پاکستانی انجینئرز ھونے چاھیے کیونکہ جو ڈاکٹرز
    ممالک میں بیروزگار
    ھوئے آپکو انکی مدد کرنے کی توفیق نہیں ھوئی
    اب جلدی سے
    بیرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے پیٹ پر اپنے داماد زلفی بخاری کے ذریعہ لات مرواؤ
    کہ یہ بہت اتراتے ھیں اور آپکے زیادہ کنٹرول میں نہیں
    پاکستان کیلئے کر گزرو.
    تمھارے حمایتی تمھاری ھر حرکت کی تاویلیں دینگے
    کیا پاکستان پر روڈ پر قتل ھونے والوں کو انصاف مل گیا جو پاکستانی پروفیشنلز کا نام بدنام نہ کرنے سے رہ جانا تھا ؟

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