Pakistani Passport Makes a Huge Improvement in Latest Passport Rankings for 2020

The Passport Index, the world’s leading real-time passport ranking tool, has ranked Pakistani passport at 192nd spot in the Individual Passport Power Ranking (IPPR) 2020.

Pakistani passport’s ranking has significantly improved this year as it jumped up 6 places from the 198th position for 2019.


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IPPR is compiled by combining both the Mobility Score (MS), the number of countries one can visit without a visa, or they can obtain a visa on arrival, and United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index (UNDP HDI). The higher the MS, the better the IPPR. UNDP HDI serves as a tie-breaker in case passports have the same MS.

Pakistani passport has a MS of 33 as its bearers enjoy the facility of visa-free access to 7 and visa on arrival in 26 countries.

Japan with an MS of 116 has been ranked at the top IPPR 2020 while Iraq with an MS of 26 has been ranked at the bottom of the 199 member list.

Here are the top 10 passports on IPPR 2020.

Rank on IPPR 2020 Name Mobility score
1 Japan 116
2 New Zealand 116
3 Finland 115
4 Austria 115
5 Luxembourg 115
6 Ireland 115
7 South Korea 115
8 Switzerland 115
9 Australia 115
10 Denmark 114


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Here are the bottom 10 passports on IPPR 2020

Rank on IPPR 2020 Name Mobility Score
190 Eritrea 36
191 Myanmar 36
192 Pakistan 33
193 Palestine 32
194 Iran 32
195 Yemen 31
196 Somalia 30
197 Syria 29
198 Afghanistan 26
199 Iraq 26

Read detailed IPPR 2020 at Passport Index.

  • 33 countries were giving visas on either arrival or e-visa. This was last year and today.

  • Huge improvement?. Look at the chart. We are at 193 out of all countries. Eriteria that is one of the poorest countries of the world has no better ranking than us.
    Anyway Once a Youthia is always a Youthia. You guys are liars to the core. You have no shame left.

  • Yahan bhi Pakistan ka rank 192 is liye hai kion k hum ny 92 ka world cup jeeta tha?

    • 92 py iss liye aya k Pakistan ny b 90 countries ko visa on arrival ki sahulat dy di hy or e-visa service b di hy iss liye ranking mein farq para hy. Or dusra minorities ko had se ziada like [qadiani or capital mein mandar wagera] support krny py.

    • PTI is a party of trolls, cyber bullies and extremists. Anyone who disagree with the performance of their Aaqa Imran Khan is labelled as Patwari and then trolled on the internet. Reality is that Pakistan is worse now than it was under the so called corrupt PMLN. People are now remembering PMLN as a much better era than today.

      • That’s the same logic of khata tha to lagata bi to tha, tub sub acha tha becuase there was no accountability lol. Don’t worry, not in just opinions, you guys are also mentally Patwari :D

        • har jagah apna thobra laga dene se performance nahin ho jati. 5 saal guzarne do agar bari changes na hoi tu hum khud vote nahin karen ge. patwariyon ki tarah nasal dar nasal ghulam nahin.

  • Aj Bhi 3000 RUPEE Do Ban Jata hai Kisi Ka Bhi Passport / Kaise Improve Howa

    • Imran Khan is the worst of the worst thing happened to Pakistan. His mostly jobless followers has introduced bullying and name calling in Politics. PTi idiots can abuse and name call anyone who disagree with them. You guys have nothing to do with morality, respect and logic. Other than calling anyone else who disagree with you as “Patwari”, what else you can do????.

      • cliched! come on. bullying and name calling isn’t new in politics. it happens everywhere. If this is your criteria of judging performance then you are really a dumb one.

  • Who is correct? You are giving fake news or Media?
    GNN says that passport rating decreased by 2 numbers while you are giving news of improvement?

  • PATWARI=JIAALAA=Cyouthiaa=Polishiaaa

    people with same mentality but with different Abba jans..

    keep sucking these mofo politicians and keep getin fcked by establishment……

  • Imran Khan is the best thing that will ever happen to Pakistan. Wait for few more years, Our leader will take Pakistan where it had never been since creation.

    • PTI youth is the real Nasli Ghulaam . They think Imran Khan is their God and there is no leader except him. This is like Shirk in my view.
      I am Awan and my family always told me that “Hey Son Allah has made you free and you are the leader of your own destiny. So never embrace any chains”. So I don’t need Humans like me to lead me . I can lead myself. I am not a slave of anybody. If Imran Khan will go away then millions of Pakistanis can lead as Allah has given us brain and all we need is to invoke the Leadership skills in us.

      • پی ٹی آئی والے اپنی بہنوں کو 126 دن کے دھرنے میں اپنے لیڈر کے سامنے نچواتے تھے کہ پٹرول 46 کا ملے گا اور کرپشن 90 دن میں ختم ہو گی۔۔۔۔۔ اب 7 سال کےپی کے اور 2 سال وفاق میں گذارنے کے بعد کہہ رہے ہیں کہ خان کو کُچھ سال اور دو، پھر سب ٹھیک ہو جائے گا۔ یعنی یوتھئیوں کو امید ہے کہ جس مقصد کیلئے اُنہوں نے اپنی بہنوں کو نچوایا تھا وہ 90 دن تو پورا نہیں ہوا، چلو کُچھ سال اور دے دو تاکہ انکی بہنوں کو ڈانس حلال ہو جائے۔

  • Seems a little like there are just more countries that are doing worse off than Pakistan tbh. I don’t think it’s something Governments can change except by reducing hurdles for other countries to visit Pakistan. As well as doing something to stop the outflow of people that have a persistent criminal record or a record of immigration crimes unless they undergo a reeducation procedure.

    …And it will take GENERATIONS and MULTIPLE GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATIONS to improve our ranking sufficiently.

  • I am not happy, it’s not fair ranking. Pakistan should be ranked much better. As per current situation Pakistan is quite well established, safe and secure, one of the emerging global economic market, and has implemented many new gov policies to improve living style for citizens. Further more compare to most of Africa and asian states Pakistan is well ahead in many aspects.

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