Except Ufone: Telenor, Zong & Jazz’s Performance Isn’t Up to Par in Multiple Cities

Telenor, Zong, and Jazz have missed most of the key performance indicators (KPIs) set in their license and applicable regulations, according to a joint quality of service survey carried out by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) with Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs).

PTA has released the findings of the joint quarterly Quality of Service (QoS) survey carried out from January to March 2020 in three (3) different cities i.e. Sheikhupura and Gujar Khan of Punjab and Mansehra of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The survey noted that only Ufone met all the KPIs.

The performance of data services of CMOs has been checked by measuring user data throughput and signal strength (i.e. Received Signal Code Power (RSCP) for 3G and Reference Signal Receive Power (RSRP) for 4G.

User Data Throughput

User Data Throughput KPI defines user data rate (Internet speed) to be provided by CMOs to mobile users across the coverage areas. User data “throughput” of 3G services needs to be higher than the threshold value of 256Kbps while User data “throughput” of 4G services should be higher than the threshold value of 2 Mpbs. All networks achieved the threshold for 3G services. Telenor has not achieved the threshold of 2Mbps User Data Throughput for 4G services in urban areas at Mansehra.

Signal Strength

The signal strength KPI defines Received Signal Code Power (RSCP) for 3G and Reference Signal Receive Power (RSRP) for 4G and denotes the power measured by a receiver on a particular physical communication channel. It is used as an indication of signal strength, as a handover criterion, in downlink power control, and to calculate path loss.

RSCP of 3G Network of all CMOs was observed to be greater than -100 dBm with 90 percent confidence. RSRP of 4G Network falls short of the minimum threshold (-100 dBm with 90 percent confidence) both in urban and rural areas. Telenor has not met the confidence level of 90 percent of signal strength (i.e. -100dBm of RSRP of 4G) in urban Areas of Gujar Khan, rural and overall areas of Mansehra. Zong has not met the confidence level of 90 percent of signal strength (i.e. -100dBm of RSRP of 4G) in rural areas of Gujar Khan. Jazz has not met the confidence level of 90 percent of signal strength (i.e. -100dBm of RSRP of 4G) in rural areas of Sheikhupura.

Call Connection Time

Call Connection Time is the time between sending of complete call initiation information by the caller and in return receipt of call setup notification. In simple words, it is the time between dialing a number and hearing a ring-back tone. Telenor has not met the threshold value of 6.5 seconds of call connection time in urban, rural, and overall areas of Sheikhupura. Zong has not met the threshold value of 6.5 seconds of call connection time in rural areas of Mansehra.

Call Completion Ratio

Call Completion Ratio is the probability that a service, once obtained, will continue to be provided under given conditions for a given time duration or until deliberately terminated by either caller (A-party) or receiver (B-party). In simple words, this KPI provides information about Call Drops. Telenor failed to meet the threshold value of 98 percent in urban and overall areas of Sheikhupura.

Inter System Handover

Inter System Handover is the measurement of successful Handover in 3G/2G for Circuit Switched Voice.

Inter System Handover Success Rate of Circuit Switched (CS) Voice of 98% has not been met by Jazz in rural areas of Sheikhupura, urban and overall areas of Gujar Khan and urban areas of Mansehra.

SMS Reliability

The performance of SMS services of CMOs has been checked by measuring SMS Success Rate and End-to-End SMS Delivery Time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

SMS Success Rate is the probability that the short message is delivered successfully, end-to-end when requested, and display of the relevant information on the mobile phone. It provides information about the successful delivery of SMS. Zong has not met the SMS success rate of 99% in urban and overall areas of Sheikhupura and in rural areas of Mansehra.

End-to-End SMS Delivery Time is the time between sending a short message to a short message center and receiving the very same short message at the intended mobile phone (receiver). It provides average time taken for delivery of a short message from the sender to the recipient. Jazz has failed to meet the 12 Seconds Threshold value of End-to-End Delivery Time of SMS in Rural Areas of Gujar Khan.

Voice Quality

The performance of voice services of CMOs has been checked by measuring Network Down Time/Network Accessibility, Grade of Service, Service Accessibility, Call Connection Time, Call Completion Ratio, End-to-End Speech Quality and Session Abnormal Release Rate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The CMOs have met the threshold value of Network Accessibility.

Jazz’s Viewpoint

Jazz shared with us its viewpoint on the report and said that above cited report is not representative of market. Mr. Khalid Shahzad, CTO Jazz was quoted as saying:

“Jazz 4G is providing a quality of service that is well above the license requirement according to PTAs published data. This report is an initial survey that is not representative of the network since the drive tests are based on a certain route which doesn’t represent entire city or Jazz coverage.

We await PTA reaching out to all telcos to dwell into the details and I’m confident that Jazz will lead on most fronts as it always does.”

  • Increible and biased survey report I’d say.
    Telenor doesn’t have as good service as competitors, agreed. But ufone? Ufone is the worst offender with very bad random signal dropping issues. Lowest internet speeds. Very low signal power in densely populated areas (Lahore, Sialkot), 2g only internet on various gt roads, motorways, national highway.
    Zong and Jazz are two best networks in terms of call quality, network coverage and high speed internet access.

  • I living in Gulshan Park Bedian Road Lahore Cantt. All networks are not working in our area particularly Jazz and Ufone. You can not even attend a call in this area.

  • In Gujrat main City Areas like Shah Faisal Gate, Dhaki Darwaza, Shahdola Gate and Sarafa Bazar area there are no proper indoor services. Don’t know what will be the condition of rural areas. All companies are unable to provide indoor services. Even I complained to PTA and Citizen portal. Companies make lame excuses. If 3G signals come sometimes there is no data service running. Useless services. 4G is like non-existent. Only on height 4G is coming properly.

  • Zong is worst network in these days because of speed and internet prices,,, zong internet speed is 200 kbph in these days and price of 30GB package is 300 rupees just for week,, how can we afford,,1GB daily package in 50 rupees,, sometimes I laughed at cellular data provide,,,they all are culprit of Pakistani people

  • Ufone is totally bull shit, bakwas. I myself have used it for long. The survey is already biased and fazool. There is no voice quality in Ufone and after 2 minutes the call drops automatically.

  • Are u insane… why you are portraying wrong picture.. UFONE has no 4G Service and you are comparing 3G with 4G.
    Please visit PTA Website for clearification

    • Speed Matter not 4G 3G

      jo speed ee na mile to achaar daalna 3G 4G ka
      Ufone ki 8 se 10Mbps Stable Speed aati jaha 3G Covered Area hai

  • Pakistan must be built own mobile network others network ban….. Pakistan have 2 seitalight system

  • As a Jazz user, I must say that the service was fine for me on my last visit to Sheikhupura all the way to Gujranwala, even on the motorway. Overall 3G/4G coverage in Punjab is excellent as well.

  • Ufone saray standards kaisay meet kar raha hai? Sub sai fazool network coverage hai Ufone ki. Jazz ki coverage aur service quality sub sai behtar hai pooray Punjab mein.

  • Rural areas don’t really need 4G coverage given people there do not even use smartphones. It is my firm belief that KPIs concerning highspeed mobile broadband should first be enforced in all tier-1 and tier-2 cities because operators like Zong are getting away with underperformance without repercussions.

    • KPK me aap ki itelaa k liaya arz hai k Sab se zyada Ufone Use hota hai

      While I m living in FSD aur yaha kya poory Punjab me sab se achi Voice Quality Ufone ki hai

      Checked by visitingRandom Cities by myself

  • Jazz Abbottabad gullfam town society too much weak signals 2g only too many complains but no one take have a serious action I have contacts help lines ,jazz cares, he says that’s over technicals teams are working in your area your number is already highlighted we can’t share timelines ,technical team are working in this area 10 years ago but can’t resolve this problem request to PTA to take action and resolve this problem

    • Bekaar Logic jaha
      pesy dy k v aapko Service ni mily phr Log ee paga l hain me to ye e kaho ga

      Go and Use Jazz Zong


  • ufone’s internet sucks,its worst.just for sake of internet i have to use a secondary sim for internet only.i travel around Rwp alot.ufone’s internet is worst

    • 3G 4G always Depends on Coverage I visited Last Month all Motorway was 3G coverred by Ufone and was perfectly working

  • Ufone with minimal users & an empty network will certainly have better quality of service…….

  • I live in urban area of Lahore city Jazz is providing very poor Services both in data and calls network, I m doing complaints about these issues for a long time but they didn’t feel bother to resolve the issues. Why don’t PTA takes any action against it

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