How Is Enabling Better Investment Decisions Using Proptech?

The real estate sector of Pakistan, in recent years, managed to attract people as well as investments. Despite witnessing growth, this sector in Pakistan was considered complex due to lack of clarity on the information of the property, false valuations, fraudulent agents, confusing processes and regulations, and the absence of smart technology – Proptech.

This wave of disruptive technological advancement entered the predominantly agricultural economy of Pakistan when the world was benefiting from comparatively a more advanced wave.

As one of the pioneering adopters of Proptech, successfully replaced the traditional norms, offering a lucrative path for investors and property hunting by helping masses in their journey on real estate investments, along with buying, selling, and renting.

Ending not just there, the world faced a surge of unexpected consequences due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. But with every passing day, this disruptive innovation, became more information-intensive to guide people through this time of crisis.

The changing tides revealed the growing confidence of people in and the importance of Proptech.

Here’s how is enabling better Investment Decisions using Proptech.

  1. Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal – is based on an innovative technological front that simplifies the user’s experience to provide smart real estate solutions via its portal accessible from the mobile app, as well as the web.

It not only helps customers buy, sell, and rent properties easily but also has a dedicated ‘invest’ page featuring mega-projects that offer complete digital information for making smart investment decisions.

The digital solution offers:

–  An extensive description of the project, along with amenities offered.

–  Listing plan – this feature reveals the ‘floors plan’ of the project in detail, as it cites the number of floors, Unit Type, Unit Price, and the Total Price of each floor.

Each floor option redirects further to the specific floor page for more specific details.

–  Google map location – if you want to check out where the project site is located, want an idea of the property and its surrounding, follow the directions for a visit.

  1. Extensive Multimedia Coverage merges the physical and digital closer, ensuring topmost user experience services, and keeps you digitally connected by offering Augmented Reality (AR) services, and detailed multimedia coverage.

But using the AR services, you can easily see what the project is going to be, even before it is built. By using this technological advancement, the project is covered from every side and floor.

In addition, the detailed multimedia offers drone shots, high-quality 3D pictures, and videos of the project, so that you can make smart investment decisions easily.

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal took pride in offering Augmented Reality (AR) services for featured investment projects.

  1. 360° Virtual Reality Tours and 360° Live Virtual Guided Tours | Projects

More than others need more than just pictures and videos, to make an investment move.

Being the disruptors in the real estate sector and continually working towards transformation, offers 360° Virtual Reality Tours and 360° Live Virtual Guided Tours of any desired project. is the first Proptech Company in Pakistan that sparked innovation by utilizing the digital transformation, amidst the COVID-19 and changing the dynamics to help you to every extent to make the right decision.

This is where Virtual Reality comes into play, offering a redefined ‘Virtual’ experience in order to get a more detailed insight of the site or property while keeping in mind your safety.

A virtual tour helps customers to easily make up their minds on investment plans in one of the projects. understands the ongoing circumstance and is happy to be at your service, digitally, for anyone looking to connect.

Along with arranging virtual visits, will further guide you on the easy investment plans.

  1. Professional investment advice

A project caught your eye?

Need investment advice?

Would like to discuss an investment plan?

Or, simply looking for more information?

The real estate experts are one call away. To book an appointment, call on the number mentioned above, and help on real estate matters will be on your way.

As one of the leading Proptech companies in Pakistan, focuses on providing heightened communication with all its customers through their sales representatives.

With a huge scope of data supply information and apt real estate knowledge, sales representatives help the customers make more informed decisions.

This, added with the technological advancements have helped the pioneers to increase the investments with Proptech in recent times.

They are the smartest choice to make a smart decision.

  1. Virtual Booking Interface

The outbreak of COVID-19 revealed the importance of Proptech in Pakistan.

Real estate investments have been a long-term necessity for many. As the coronavirus unfolded, the public more and more realized the true potential of not only the sector but how Proptech transformation has helped in time when all social gatherings were completely halted.

Being the early adopters of Proptech, smartly integrated the technological revolution to transform the virtual experience by offering a ‘virtual booking interface’, where the customers can now book and sign documents virtually, creating a more seamless experience.

As the world is being transformed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – unlocking an era of digital processes, automation, digital transformation in terms of blockchain and artificial intelligence, the scope of Proptech in Pakistan, catalyzed by COVID-19, has been increasing.

The customers are embracing digital transformation in more areas of their life.

Through Proptech, is successfully reshaping almost all aspects of the real estate market. By transforming the virtual experience, offers secure investment projects, safer transactions, and smarter real estate solutions.

The technological disruptors have seen untapped opportunities and possibilities in the residential and commercial real estate sector of Pakistan. Offering unmatched services through Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, is continually working to bring innovation and improve the real estate experience for you.


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