JF-17 Block 3 Fighter Jet Production Ramped Up Amid Increasing Tensions With India

China has ramped up the production of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets as industry reports suggest the number of jets produced in the first half of 2020 is the highest in the past five years.

The state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has reduced the production span of a single aircraft by up to 15 days as of June 30th. Developed jointly by Pakistan and China, the multi-role combat aircraft is also in service in Myanmar. Pakistan has also exported the fighter jets to Nigeria in the recent past as well.


Nigeria Will Get 1st Batch of JF-17 Thunders from Pakistan This Year

The upgraded Block 3 version of JF-17 made its first flight last year in December. In the latest version, the information-based warfare capability and weapons have been upgraded to give it an edge over its competitors.

Pakistan used JF-17 in the dogfight against India’s Mig-21. Resultantly, an Indian pilot was captured after his jet was downed by JF-17. The pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman, who became quite famous for his remarks on Pakistani tea, was later released by the government as a gesture of peace.

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    • No, they need very large twin engine fighters to cover huge land. Pakistan on the other hand is quite narrow and small. Jf17 was designed according to the wishes of PAF and NOT Chinese airforce.

      Different needs different products. Will you use tractor in the city? No? Why not? Is not a good enough? Or will you use a BMW 7 series in a village without roads? Why not ? It’s a great product?

      I hope the matter is clear now?

    • We use JF-17 in real time battle. Do india use their own samosa – Tejas in the warfare. Tejas always enjoy sitting in the bunker :-)

  • Pakistan should get latest technology and should equipped its armed force because we have very dirty and cunning boarder mate.

    • Its all about radar, block 3 have AESA radar which can track refeal before it sees block 3 JF17. Again a brilliant move by PAF. Eventually result will be same as mig 21 and sku 30.

  • Pakistan should do something about s400 before it gets delivered to Indians cow urine drinkers

  • It was F-16 used in dogfight, not JF-17 – go and watch Invincible resolve before crediting JF-17 for a MIG-21 Kill.

    • true, F16 with two kills, One MIg21 and other Su30 which India denies and in return said it was F16 that crashed into “Ocean” in Kashmir

    • Dog fight? Didn’t you heard from mr tea him,… I was looking for target and suddenly got hit. He had no clue who hit him. Its not 1970s, you don’t need to see a jet to hit it..

  • JF-17 Thunder Block-3 could be good all weather fighter / interceptor against Dissault Marriage-2000 .. Mig-21 and Sukhoi 30-MKI and even F-16s. But not as good as French Dissault Rafael which is technologically more advance with best of electronic counter measures ECMs warfare such as radar jamming and partial stealth technology with much BVR guided missile capabilities with long range detection and destroy manuverability. But then again …it’s not only the state of the art flying machine, its a man / men behind sitting in its cockpit. And let’s not underestimate when it comes to that valour of PAF fighter pilots who always have proved their metal against Indian Airforce … against Israeli Airforce and against Russian Airforce when it comes to real dogfights and even against the USAF Top Guns in war exercises.

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