Govt. to Announce Drone Policy to Deal With Locust Invasion

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, has said that Pakistan is soon going to announce its drone policy.

Speaking to a news channel, Fawad said that the policy will be drafted after consultation with all stakeholders. Chaudhry recalled that once a ban was imposed on the use of drones in Pakistan, and now the country is making advances in drone technology.

He said that initially, the drones were used for defense purposes, but now they have become an essential tool for the commercial and agriculture sector.

I have talked to Prime Minister Imran Khan and defense officials in this regard and a national policy on this would be announced soon.


Pakistan May Face Another Huge Locust Attack Next Month

His interview came a day after the govt. introduced Made in Pakistan drones to fight the locust invasion.

To a question, the minister said that the drones will be handed over to the National Locust Control Centre in a few days to deal with the crisis.

He said that the quadcopters will also be used for agricultural needs, noting that the advanced technology is effective and cost-saving as it only targets [for spraying pesticides] the affected plants instead of covering the whole farm.


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Indigenously-built Drones

On Monday, the Science and Technology Minister introduced pictures of indigenously-built drones that are fully capable of monitoring farms and spraying disinfectants. Fawad believes that the drones, capable of spraying 16 liters of pesticide for 18 minutes, will revolutionize the agriculture and farming sector.

The minister has vowed to turn the country into a ‘technological power.’

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