Resolution Tabled in Assembly to Strictly Ban Fashionable Beards

A resolution has been tabled in the Punjab Assembly, calling for legislation to crack down on men with ‘fashionable beards’ and barbers making them.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) legislator, Rukhsana Kausar, submitted the resolution, advocating that the beard is the sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Therefore, legislation should be made to decide strict action against those who shape beards in fashionable styles.


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The resolution contends that any kind of designing on the beard is a grave sin, and it is an insult to the beard, which is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. The resolution calls for strict action against those ‘who make fun of beard’.

When I see youngsters on the streets and in the markets with different designs of beard in the name of fashion, I feel hurt, because that is against the teachings of Islam.


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Kausar said that ‘French cut’ and other fashionable styles of the beard are not permissible in Islam.

It should be noted that in 2018, the Dera Ghazi Khan District Council had imposed a ban on shaping the beard of various designs.

  • What is going on in Pakistan?. Religion is selling at the highest rate. All social issues are on the back burner. Also shame on PMLN for playing Religious card again. This ban is dangerous and it is a direct violation of Human rights. All parties are making Real Fun of Islam by putting resolutions like these. Imagine someone getting arrested for the design of the Beard only?. When did it happen during Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) times?. Pakistan ban Gaya Banistan.

    • Yea just imagine. Child abusers and molesters ko pakarne k liye aajtak kuch nai kr sake aur na hi corruption k khilaaf kuch kar sake laikin beards daikh k masle hote hain inko

  • Where we are heading?. Where it will end?. Imagine NAB launching cases against Politicians after checking the size and style of their beard?. Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif will be the first who will be arrested for lack of Beard.

  • India recently tabled a resolution to send manned mission to Moon by 2023. Then 1 million Electric vehicles by 2030. SLV Space Launch Vehicle) project expansion and Boradband for all Indians in the next 5 years. Meanwhile Pakistan is tabling a resolution to check the beard style. Look at Priorities your IDIOTS.

    • whats the point of sending missions to moon when 25% of India population around 300 million in numbers are suffering from malnutrition and below poverty line,1 million Electric vehicles is a very small target knowing that India total vehicle population is around 400 million+, India is one of the leading contributor to world Cp2 emissions. Give an example of States that are actually doing social reforms like Norway, Germany Iceland etc. India is not an Ideal example to give. They are no better than us both India and Pakistan have gdp Per captia income below 2000$ even after 60+ years of independence.

  • seriously? next ban is going to be “Show maswaak coming out of your front pocket or get fined”

  • By 2021, we will be called Banistan… Yeh sub dramay bazi hah aur kuch nahi, bus jo idaray koi kam nai kar paa rahay wo is tarah ban drama kar k dikhana chahtay hah k wo kisi qabil hain.. first pubg, now this…

    Here is the list of things that should be banned this instant…

    > News channels, cause of depression, anxiety and suicide
    > Female news anchors without dupatta, it is against Islam
    > Female actors, their each action in ads and or dramas is against Islam.
    > Hand cutting of any politician proven guilty should be mendatory, because punishment of thief in islam is hand cutting
    > All lollywood movies production, it is against islam
    > Internet, it has content against islam
    > Biology books, they have graphic images
    > Poverty, it forces poor people to steal and that’s against Islam
    > Banks, they promote Sood, it is against Islam…

    These are some examples I can think of right now… Mard k bachay ho to in main se kisi ek k against action lay k dikhao… Poora media peechay par jayega aur phir yeh sorry sorry kehtay phirain gay…

  • Look at Priorities your IDIOTS.. what a nonsense. Aren’t there more important issues to be discussed. we are paying our tax to get reforms like this.

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