#SindhRejectsBhashaDam Trends as Some Sindhis Oppose Construction on Indus River

The construction work on the Bhasha dam has finally begun despite the fact that the decision was taken about 50 years ago. In the previous government’s tenure, the construction of the dam was delayed until 2037.

Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the construction site on Wednesday where he was briefed about the project. In his speech, the premier regretted previous governments’ short-sightedness, saying China has over 80,000 dams including 5,000 big dams, whereas this will be only the third big dam in Pakistan.

This [Diamer Bhasha Dam] will be our third big dam. China already has around 5,000 big dams and a total of about 80,000 dams. From this, you can gauge the massive mistakes we have made in the past. Unfortunately, the previous rulers took decisions on a short-term basis and focused on completing the projects just ahead of the elections.

The dam’s 6.4 MAF (million-acre feet) water will irrigate 1.2 million acres of agricultural land. In addition to creating 16,000 jobs, the dam will generate 4,500 MW of affordable, environmentally-friendly electricity.


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Following his visit, hashtag #SindhRejectsBhashaDam is trending on Twitter as the people of Sindh voice their concerns on the building of another big dam on River Indus. Here’s what the people are saying about the subject:

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  • Don’t connect the genuine pleas of Sindh to India. If that is the case, Didn’t Lahore brigade invite Modi for marriage. Who is pleasing India.

  • IK is a cruel ruler. He only thinks about his political career and he is sacrificing people to achieve his objectives. Shame on IK.

    • Actually, cruel are those people who did not enable Sindh to fully utilize millions of Cusecs of water wasted annually for the past 73 years. And cruel are those people who did not educate the nation about benefits of building dams, to the economy, to the environment, and to the agriculture. Dams do not mean that the water will be stored and then thrown into outer-space. All stored water is still going to flow into the same rivers eventually.

      • Read more about this dam and then comment. Don’t be blind with your political affiliations. There is a reason that people don’t want this dam. This dam is a political stunt. Benefits none.

        • Really! A dam that produces environmentally friendly low-cost electricity and stores water for irrigation doesn’t benefit anyone. You are such sick people.

  • ajeeb log hain yeh pehlay Kalabgh nahi bana ney diya abb diamer kay peechay lag gai hain…inn ka bs chalay toh mulk mein dam hi na banwa nay dein

  • The trends generators are not actually true Sindhi, they are all looking paid people or at special agenda against country benefits. Dams are the real necessities of any agricultural nation. Dams use for multi purpose, should be made at high priorities to save our next generation and country benefits.

    • Anyone who speaks for their rights or fights for truth are ‘paid people’. Grow up. Why doesn’t the government listen to their facts? Why is this government hell bent on ignoring people of Sindh?

  • I am sure all these nay sayers do not even know the location of Bhasha dam on the map of Pakistan. If you ask them, they might surprise you by responding that everything above Sukkur is Punjab, up till Russia.

  • Its very easy now to find the traitors. Try to do anything which is universally good and for the benefit of everyone and then filter the people against this will be the real traitors of this nation.

  • Upon completion, Diamer-Bhasha dam would (i) produce 4800 megawatts of electricity through hydro-power generation; (ii) store an extra 10.5 cubic kilometres (8,500,000 acre⋅ft) of water for Pakistan that would be used for irrigation and drinking; (iii) extend the life of Tarbela Dam located downstream by 35 years; and (iv) control flood damage by the River Indus downstream during high floods causing havoc in sindh villages.

  • Yeah, MFs, tell me one real disadvantage of building this damn and I will slap your face real hard with facts and you will pee your pants and run down to your paid RAW masters.

  • None of these people know the eco sensitivity and ecological complications of building a dam.

  • Phir se kalabagh karne ki koshish ho rahi hai. Kuch acha pakistan mei ho hee nahi sakta phir ye log tabdeeli maangte hain. Abey saalon pehle khud ko to theek karo.
    IK should stay firm on his decision.

  • they do not want a dam . Because if dam will be built the power in the water will be used in making electricity and they receive power less water. :P

  • I am astonished that how can some one go against the construction of Bhasha Dam.Any dam will store the access water which can be used at the time of water scarcity.If there is no stored water than we will not be able use during the time we need it most.
    If the water is there in dams,any province can ask for additional release of water for its use as it is done from terbala dam now.

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