YouTube Takes Down Hadiqa Kiani’s New Song On Kashmir

Hadiqa Kiani and Ali Tolga’s tribute to Kashmiri people has now been taken down by YouTube. Terming the move as systematic silencing, the singer said we are on the right side of history. The video featured visuals of protests and violence in Kashmir.

Ali Tolga is a Turkish artist who composed and co-sung ‘Daimi Bahar’, translating to eternal spring. Hadiqa Kiani shared the news with her fans in an Instagram story, saying we will not be silenced because our message is of love and peace.

There seems to be a systematic silencing taking place but we will not be silenced because our message is of love and peace.

Although the song has been removed from YouTube, another user later posted the same video. Here’s the video:

Kashmir Civitas, an international organization advocating for the plights of Kashmiris, is working to re-upload the video, she further told.


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The song was released in the memory of martyrs that lost their lives in Kashmir and Turkey. 13th July is celebrated as Kashmir Martyr’s Day whereas, on 15th July 2016, the failed coup attempt took place in Turkey.

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  • Not just this Kashmiri song. We can’t trust these companies, i was looking for other kashmiri songs, they have been all removed.

    They will show only the internet of their choice to the whole world. Even can’t trust Wikipedia which is full of a lot fake history editing.

  • Regional Offices of all these companies are in India.
    Also top officials in these companies are originating from India.
    So they protect their policies

  • and then they teach us tolerance. Extremely rude nation with self glorification syndrome, they only love to hear there own self glorification, shaktee baharat, even after spanking from Pakistan on 27th Feb’2020 they are trying to prove how awesome they were on the battlefield.

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