Twitterati in Fumes Over Possible #YouTubeBanInPakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has hinted at banning YouTube in the country over unregulated content and the prospect has not sat well with the young generation.

Tania Aidrus, the head of the Digital Pakistan initiative, has said that banning YouTube is not the solution, adding that the platform is allowing many to make a decent livelihood.

Banning a platform like YouTube is not a solution. The 3 years when YouTube was banned in Pakistan it held back our content creator ecosystem which has just started to flourish now, creating employment opportunities for thousands.


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Celebrities, content creators, and students alike have opposed the ban and this is the reason why #YoutubeBanInPakistan is trending on Twitter. Everyone’s voicing their concerns over the possible ban. Let’s have a look at what people are saying:

On a lighter note:

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  • Jin judges ko apna phone tak chalana nahin aata wo he aisi bongia maar sakta hai
    Pakistan mein science and technology ko le kar ek alag he court hona chahiye aise bando k under mein jo Technology ko achi tarah samajhte hon warna supreme court to hamen patharon wale time mein le jaye ga
    #Freedom of speech in our country my foot

  • I remember that there used to be a website called ytpak which was a pakistani rebranded version of youtube without the obscene content and I used to access youtube through it. It also had the option to download videos and it was the fastest growing platform at the time but as soon as the ban was lifted – It died.
    But still the youtube industry of pakistan was just crushed as this option is not feasible either.

  • What is wrong if youtube gets banned?. They don’t listen to us and they are not censoring any videos that is dangerous to our youth. They are just a company. And many youth waste their whole day watching useless videos on Youtube. Also this ban can provide a chance to local companies to develop local solutions. I still remember that when last time youtube was banned then it gave a chance to many streaming companies like Dailymotion to do business in Pakistan.

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