Committee Decides to Resolve Telecom Sector Issues & Finalize Student Relief Package

A committee constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan to address the connectivity and taxation issues related to telecom companies has decided to resolve these as soon as possible to improve the quality, access and affordability of telecom services.

A meeting of the Committee was held under the Chairmanship of Shafqat Mehommad, Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training (MOFE&PT) on Friday.

The meeting was also attended by Advisor to PM on Finance and Revenue, Minister for IT and Telecom, Secretary MOIT, Additional Secretary MOFE&PT, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Chairman NADRA, CEO Universal Service Fund (USF) and senior officers from the MOFE&PT and MOITT.

The Committee, in its meeting, deliberated on the connectivity issues which students are currently facing in their online classes during COVID-19.

The committee decided to finalize the relief package for students to facilitate the delivery of online education which is in line with the concept of targeted relief.

Advisor on Finance assured that the government will look into this proposal by the ministry of education.

The Committee also deliberated on the other issues faced by the telecom sector including the taxations issues and it was decided to resolve them as soon as possible to improve quality, access and affordability of services. The committee has sought recommendations from all stakeholders for improving the quality of services.

The Committee will submit its recommendations to the Prime Minister after incorporating views of all stakeholders.

  • today, PTCL has increase it’s broadband tariff 99 Rs added to 15MB pacakge. Price will be 2750+Tax.
    PTCL already loosing it’s broadband users due to 25 years underground cabling system in Pakistan, On name of rehabilitation exchanges drunk the money and later provided VDSL card in MSAG’s to quiet the disturbing customers.
    With VDSL they are challenging Nayatel and other Broadband Providers. Lol..

  • P.T.C.L poori qoum ko baywaqoof bana Raha hai aur qoum bann bhi rahi hai recently witribe defauldr hoga ya hai these days

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