PUBG to Remain Banned in Pakistan: PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that it decided to not lift ban on PUBG, said a statement issued by the authority.

“PTA has decided that online game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) remains blocked”, read a statement issued moments ago.

The decision has been made by the Authority after a detailed hearing conducted in PTA on July 9 on the directions of the Lahore High Court.

LHC had earlier directed PTA to decide the fate of the highly addictive multi-player game, that was blocked in Pakistan by the regulator.

PTA said that deliberation and ultimately the decision of retaining the ban was taken during the hearing where interested parties were present.

PTA further said that it has approached PUBG management to share data about PUBG sessions and users in Pakistan and controls in place by the company. However, response from PUBG is awaited.

  • I congratulate all parents of Pakistan that this game is banned. So many children were wasting time and not doing homework because of this. I hope that Tiktok and all social media platforms will be banned in Pakistan. They are harmful for our society. But I am thankful to PTA that they are taking action. My vote and the vote of all Parents belong to PTI. My leader Imran Khan is not disappointing me.

    • Okay eSports is harmful and the other all blunders are happening in our society are harmless. go get some basic schooling about eSports. Its depends on parents & teaching they should moniter thier childs.

  • People often ask me where my parent’s nationality comes from. News like this is incredibly embarrassing which is why I always wrongly reply ‘they’re from India’.

  • Good decision this game was rotting minds of our youth.
    It is also banned in India and other sensible countries.

    • will you please mention which sensible country?
      for your kind information its not banned in India while other 59 chiness apps are still banned.
      Don’t tell me the names of Newziland & china cause game is not banned thier & your mental case lawyer tell the Nation & court lie about this ban.

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