PTA Announces to Retain Ban on PUBG Mobile

PTA has issued a detailed order regarding blocking of online game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) Mobile.

The authority has stated that the order has been issued in accordance with Islamabad High Court’s orders after a hearing conducted by PTA on July 9 and in accordance with the provisions of PECA 2016.


Islamabad High Court Unbans PUBG Mobile in Pakistan

PTA provided an opportunity of hearing to concerned parties including PUBG’s lawyers. As per the order of the Authority, PUBG Mobile game shall remain blocked in Pakistan.

PTA has also approached PUBG management to inform about a suitable framework to address key concerns. The authority has revealed that it has received no response from PUBG developers so far.

It must be mentioned here that the Islamabad High Court had ordered the PUBG Mobile ban to be lifted immediately.

The decision on the case was reserved on 14th July and on 24th July, Justice Aamir Farooq ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to unblock the game with immediate effect, declaring the regulator’s previous decision null and void.

  • This is a clear contempt of court. PTA may go to the apex court but first they must have unbanned PUBG. Lets see how the courts will respond. Now the ball is in their court. In simple words, PTA badmashi pay utar aai hai.

  • I congratulate PTA Chief General Amir Azeem Bajwa to holding his ground and banning this app. Courts must remember that if a General takes stand then no one even the courts can do anything against it. This is the Power of an Army Officer. Also I am thankful to Imran Khan that he is silent on this issue. He should not interfere in the internal affairs of PTA.

    • I’m laughing reading your post.
      I must say that if a civilian takes a stand then no officer can stand his ground. Examples of officers in history of Pakistan, Ayub, Musharraf and others in civilians who made them run and in millions.

    • Why a General is heading PTA?. Why almost half of the organizations are taken over by the Army officers?. They have nothing to do or what?. Also PTA is a Telecommunication Authority and only highly qualified professionals with a lot of experience in the General field must get this position. This practice don’t happen in developed countries.

    • I think Imran Khan Should take Notice of this non-sensible decision..Also Why an Army Officer is heading a Civilian Institution. Also, tell me that before joining PTA he surrender his pension, Salary, Amazing free Perks or not

  • Meanwhile other countries launch at Pakistan for thinking like that , and assuming that Pakistan wasn’t every game maker to be answerable to PTA and make amendments accordingly without even knowing much about the stuff.

  • It’s a good news.. hahaha.. Pakistan gamer will good dream when they sleep,always get chicken.. hahahaha…

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