Atlas Honda Raises Bike Prices for the Second Time in a Month

Honda seems to be on a price hiking spree these days, having announced price revisions for both, the cars and the bikes multiple times since the beginning of 2020. While a lot of it can be blamed on the pandemic, with the manufacturing plants and showrooms having faced a month-long dry spell, but it all makes sense if it happens just once, and not multiple times in a month.


Earlier in July, Atlas Honda revised the prices of their bikes by up to Rs. 20,000. But now all of a sudden, they’ve decided that that’s not enough. Honda has raised the price tag of their bikes, for the second time in 30 days.


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Here’s the list of the new prices of the Atlas Honda Bikes that shall come into effect from 1st of August 2020:

Bikes Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR)  Increase (PKR) 
CD-70 76,900 77,900 1,000
CD-70 Dream 82,500 82,500
Pridor 107,500 108,500 1,000
CG-125 128,900 129,900 1,000
CG-125 S 152,900 154,900 2,000
CG-125 SE 154,900 156,900 2,000
CG-125 F 185,900 187,900 2,000
CG-125 F SE 187,900 189,500 2,000
CB-150 F 239,500 244,500 5,000

Although the prices haven’t increased by much, they have been increased nonetheless. And once again, like their 4 wheeled sister company, there’s not much diversity in the product range to speak of.


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It is also worth considering that the sales for all automakers have already been slow, owing to the outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns. To put things into perspective, a report released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) suggests that Atlas Honda only sold 873,902 bikes in FY-2019-20, as opposed to 1,114,956 bikes during FY-2018-19.

Furthermore, the bike manufacturers were also relieved of the Ambit of Advance Tax (AAT) as per the Financial Budget 2020-21, as they manufacture bikes with engine sizes up to 200cc and below. Yet, the company has hiked the prices of their bikes, without providing any particular reason for it either.


  • We should select some other automobile company like Kia or hondai … And leave honda with their high cost low product to go to jahanum

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