PTA Decides to Unban PUBG in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to unban online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) after getting assurance from the company for a comprehensive control mechanism.

This was revealed by senior officials while talking to this correspondent here on Thursday.

A meeting was held between PTA and legal representatives of Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB).

Proxima Beta (PB) representatives briefed the Authority on response to queries raised by PTA with respect to controls put in place by PB to prevent misuse of the gaming platform.

The Authority expressed its satisfaction on measures adopted by PB so far, and emphasized on continued engagement and a comprehensive control mechanism.

The representative of the company welcomed PTA’s feedback on the issue and assured that the concerns of PTA would be taken into account. In addition, the company requested PTA to unban PUBG. Keeping in view the positive engagement and response of the company, the Authority has decided to unban PUBG.

Sources revealed that government had temporarily suspended PUBG and sought details from the platform to bring it in regulatory framework. The Authority had issued a detailed decision and asked PUBG for some details.

Further negotiations were underway with PUBG for registration in Pakistan, PTA officials added.

  • Finally a sane decision. This will help other tech giants to enter Pakistan market. Good decision PTA. Thumps Up.

    • How do you define “tech giants” ?
      Did you know adult entertainment industry, or cocaine industry are tens of times bigger than the esports industry?

      • In that case, illegal arms industry is even bigger than both of them combined. I am unable to understand on which grounds you are comparing these industries? because these are totally separate things with no connection to each other whatsoever. And by tech giants i mean paypal and amazon to start with. By the way what is your logic of keeping PUBG banned?

      • Do you even know, Tencent is a bigger tech giant than Facebook ?
        And also I won’t call Cocaine industry a tech industry.

  • In my opinion, this is a great step forward for the esports scene in Pakistan, provided these acquisitions are not put on a different game in the future.

  • It’s bad news pubg is surrendering against fundamentalists. Now these arrogant ban Facebook, Google & Twitter etc and ask to surrender there freedom for very poor and small market. Badmash Company (army) make Pakistan to North Korea.
    Ignorant public will cry over the time.

    • The government should interfere in the mater to a certain point to prevent these companies from becoming monopolies. On the other hand to much control may also discourage further investment in the market.

      • Wah barra khiyal araha hai monopoly ka. Iska matlb bhi pata hai? kuch bhi kaheen bhi bol dete hain….. Itna hi apki governments jitni bhi aaj tk ai hain unhe khyal hota to Auto Industry ka yeh haal nai hota??… Fazool mai defend krna chor do bhai. Nonsense.

        • So you are saying the governament should not do their job and that will fix the issue with the auto industry?

  • PTA ko muft mai baap banne ka shok hua wa hai. Ata jata kuch nahi jaahil officials se bharri hui hai. Digitization ki to maa behen krdi hai in logo ne, Smartphones and other IOT products pe extremely high taxes lagwa lagwa k instead of defending the public and challenging other institutions yeh ulta public ka nuqsaan kr rahe hain.

  • Bara maarka maara hah idiots nay… Mountain dew ka tournament chal raha tha uska baira gharaq kar diya unki millions ki investments ka… Agay mulk main paisa koi nai, koi invester aata hah uske sath yeh aqal k paagal anaa ki game khailna shuru kar daitay hain…

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