Google Finally Allows Chromebooks to Run Windows Apps

Google is bringing Windows apps to Chrome OS soon through Parallels for Windows, the software maker revealed during an interview with The Verge last week. Chromebook users will soon be able to boot the full version of Windows apps on their laptops.


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Earlier this year, Google announced that it is planning to add support for Windows apps on Chromebook and now it is a reality. For those unaware, Parallels Desktop is a desktop virtualization software that lets you run Windows on a different platform such as macOS, Chrome OS, etc.

This is what it will look like.

To keep it simple, Windows file types will redirect people to Parallels Desktop, though this is not the final destination Google has in mind for running Windows apps on Chrome OS. The search engine giant is planning for Chrome OS to run Windows app without requiring the full Windows desktop.

Cyrus Mistry, the group product manager for Chrome OS said:

In the future we’ll have other types of things where you don’t even have to run the whole Windows desktop, you’ll just run the app you need. We are trying to make it as seamless as possible.

This will likely involve using the Coherence feature on Parallels Desktop which lets Mac users run Windows apps on their system as if they are native apps for Mac.

Google has not revealed a release date or pricing for this yet, but they are planning to make Parallels available for businesses later this year.

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