KP Govt Wants to Introduce Uniforms for Public Universities

Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman recently unveiled plans to introduce reforms in public universities, introducing a uniform for the students. The provincial government is considering these amendments to set up a body to monitor the academic and financial performance which will in turn bring discipline, transparency, and accountability for these universities.

He added that although the universities are operating on public money, they aren’t ready for an audit or establishing discipline. He further suggested that varsities should be bound to implement the decisions of their respective senates.

Farman further added that the provincial government could amend the laws to establish an oversight authority.

I am shocked at the condition of [public sector] universities as their administration is unable to explain their budgets. These varsities first take the money and then think about where to spend it.

Governor KPK also said that he wanted to introduce standard uniforms in public sector universities and that all departments would have the discretion to adopt distinctive uniforms. He stated that it is necessary to do away high-end designer clothes which create an inferiority complex among students who could not afford them and led to resort to other means to earn money to buy expensive clothes.

  • han bhai yahan saray middle school k bachy hain jo uniform pehnain. Instead of discussing stupid issues like these focus on issues which need focus like corruption, low budged, incompetent administration and faculty, lack of digital infrastructure, lack of internships and scholarships, lack of proper facilities at hostels, lack of equipment in laboratories etc.

    • Hi Potato…
      I think there is nothing in implementation of uniform for University. If it’s Uni… then all the versities should be same in Sam discipline. I think it’s a better step.

  • There acting as little children go to university and need to be protected from reality of life that some people are rich and others may have less money . Give them uniforms its a waste of time for a incapable government that can’t even govern right,deal with corruption and fix the economy.uniforms what next millitry marches in the morning.

  • It is to some extent a good decision too, because as soon as we enter the university gate, we find heroes of some films with jeans, jackets, torn pants on knees, spikes etc. Mostly students are indecently dressed. They must look decent and this uniformity among the students is a good step.

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