Murree’s Hoteliers & Shopkeepers Are Overcharging & Misbehaving: Tourists

After five months of closure, Murree was opened for the public on Saturday. The decision of the federal government saw a massive influx of local tourists to their favorite tourism destination.

However, thousands of tourists were let down by the ill and rude behavior, and humiliation at the hands of hotel agents, hoteliers, transporters, and shopkeepers.


Punjab Govt Issues Special SOPs for Tourists

Over-charging was another massive problem faced by travelers as the locals charged Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 for three to four hours of parking. Several families recorded their protest against the residents and sought strict action against the looters who, according to them, have the backing of the district administration.

The shopkeepers also robbed tourists with both hands by charging more than double on each item. The families protested that not a single officer was at their office to register complaints.


Punjab Govt Reopens Restaurants and Tourists Destinations

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Zahid Hussain spoke to media and vowed to take action against the looters. He said that the people overcharging parking fees will be arrested. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi Capt ® Anwar-ul-Haq also assured media that strict action will be taken against irresponsible officers.

  • We have just survived pandemic and Murree Hoteliers & Shopkeepers should be glad that we survived and tourist started visiting Murree so quick, but they are back to there original nature.

    Very sad and hope there should be a helpline from govt on which customers complaint for bad behavior and over charge issues can be registered and Hoteliers & Shopkeepers license revoked along with Jail time and fine on those culprits, so our tourism can be improved for future.

  • I’ve stayed at same hotel for 1000rs a night in Naran, and 15,000 in Peak season!

    Happens everywhere in the world!

    Sucks but it’s just Demand and Supply!

  • They should be punished, same incident was even happened with me. There rude behaviour should not be tolerated at any cost.

  • پھاپا تساں کی کوئی شکیت اے تے نہ آؤ نہ گلاں کیاں کرنے او.
    سوات جلو، گلگت، کشمیر.. اتھے کے لین آنے او

    مری والوں کا جواب

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