NUST Rector Files Defamation Case Against 20 People

National University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) Rector, Lt-Gen (R) Naveed Zaman, has filed a defamation case at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against 20 people. The case registered under Clause 20, 37 of Act 2016, amounts to a maximum punishment of three years in jail with Rs. 1 million fine.

Naveed says that he has been facing this insulting attitude for the last three years.


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According to him, a group of 20 people has been tarnishing his name on social media by accusing him of being ‘relieved’ from the army in 2016 on corruption charges – an accusation denied by the former Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Asim Bajwa.

In his petition, he contended that he had submitted the first complaint in 2017, but no action was taken, and the defamation campaign against him is still going.


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Naveed claims that a political party is pushing the false propaganda against him, which, according to him, is part of the fifth-generation warfare against the armed forces of Pakistan.

He requested the concerned authorities to take stern action against those who are tarnishing his and the Pak Army’s reputation.

  • Fifth generation war has nothing to do with Pakistan Army. DHA Vally scam is much more to defame Pakistan Army. In this fraud eighty thousand people including overseas Pakistanis purchased plots fifteen years before but DHA have not developed nor given possession of their plots. People have been writing to COAS , NAB and PM but no one is going to listen their cries. If people will talk about their fraud they will say that a fifth or seventh generation war is being fought against Pakistan Army .

  • Please don’t hide own issues under Army’s umbrella, this has become a normal practice by Army to declare all correct criticism as “AGAINST ARMY” .

  • اس سادگی پہ کون نہ مر جائے اے خدا،
    جرنل صیب کو بھی ایف آئی اے کی مدد کی ضرورت پڑ گئی۔
    کیسا زمانہ آگیا۔ قیامت کی نشانی ھے۔

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