With 91% Recoveries, Active COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan Drop to 17,799


  • Seven districts in Punjab have reported no new deaths since July 1st, 2020 (Rajanpur, Khanewal, Narowal, Layyah, Pakpattan, Mandi, Kasur)
  • Two districts in KP have reported no death since July 1st, 2020 (Luki Marawat, Shangla)
  • Other than Quetta, only six deaths have been reported in Balochistan during past two weeks. Loralai, Lasbela, Sibi, Mustang, Noushid, Khuzdar, Kalat, Sohbatpur reported zero deaths in two weeks.
  • Tando Muhammad Khan and Jaccobabad districts from Sindh reported zero deaths in two weeks.
  • Patients on ventilator in various regions:
    • Punjab: 67
    • Sindh: 44
    • KP: 17
    • Islamabad: 25
    • AJK, Balochistan, GB: ZERO

The number of active coronavirus cases in Pakistan have come down to 17,799, down from over 100K in mid-June 2020.

According to data, it appears that the number of cases have remained flat, if not declined, after the brief Eid holidays.

Weekly new cases this week stood at 4,631 — down by 19% when compared to 5,740 new cases last week.

We should bear in mind that the number of new cases last week are likely under-reported due to Eid holidays since testing centers and hospitals only had one shift of work compared to the usual three shifts during normal days.

Some cases from the week after Eid were also reported during the last week — but the count is still lower than previous weeks, providing an early indication that the disease is still under control and there has been no new surge in cases due to Eid.

Check below graph for more explanation:

Number of new cases are on constant decline, while number of tests are almost same

Similar trend was seen for new deaths over the past two weeks. Below is the graph detailing the number of deaths for each week since the beginning of outbreak in the country:

Deaths per day have decline 85% since its peak during mid-June
Active Cases

Number of active cases are steadily decreasing as the total number of active cases dropped to 17,799, a level we previously had on April 30th, 2020.

A total of 91.61% of all positive cases have recovered now, while 2.1% of positive cases lost their lives, leaving only 6% of positive cases currently with active status.

New recoveries are now slower than those during last month, due to the fact that new cases have slowed down and hence the number of recoveries have also slowed down.

This essentially means that active cases will decline steadily, but that’s okay as long as the number of new cases don’t grow rapidly.

Overall Numbers