Twitter Finally Rolls Out Reply Limiting for Everyone

Twitter is finally rolling out its reply limiting feature for everyone to increase the amount of “meaningful conversations” and to help people weed out abuse and spam in their replies. As the name suggests, this feature will let you limit who replies to your Tweets.


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From now on, Twitter users will see a small globe icon at the bottom of their tweets. If the icon is left as it is, everyone can reply to your Tweets, but tapping this icon will let you choose who can reply to your posts. It will let you limit replies to just followers, or just those you tagged in the tweet

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If you pick the third option from the list and mention no one in the tweet, it will let you create a tweet or a thread with no replies at all. Those who cannot reply to the tweet will only see a greyed out icon. They can still, however, view the tweet, retweet with comments, or “like” it.

Twitter has been experimenting with this feature since May this year and observed a significant decrease in mute and block options used and lesser unwanted direct messages as a result of this feature.

Twitter rolled out the feature to iOS last week, but now it is becoming available for everyone including Android users and the website itself.

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