16 Year Old Boy Dies After Playing PUBG for Days

Cases involving gaming addiction leading to eventual death have been on the rise in India, especially when it comes to PUBG. Unfortunately, another such case has been reported in Andhra Pradesh, India, where a 16-year-old boy died playing the online game for days on end, skipping meals and not drinking water.

This resulted in severe dehydration and diarrhoea due to the lack of food and water after playing PUBG for days. Once his family found out, he was rushed to a private hospital in the city of Eluru and had to undergo a surgery. However, unfortunately, he did not make it through the operation.

Many similar cases have been reported in the past relating to PUBG. A 25-year-old Indian PUBG player named Harshal Memane died after a stroke following a prolonged PUBG Mobile session. Harshal complained about not being able to move his right arm or leg while playing the game.

He was rushed to a hospital and was diagnosed with severe intracerebral hemorrhaging. He was also not able to recover, and unfortunated, succumbed to the illness shortly afterward.

Another case where a 16-year-old boy died from cardiac arrest in India was reported only three months ago.

It is worth mentioning that gaming addiction is truly a cause for concern and can arise from any video game and not just PUBG. It is up to the children’s parents or guardians to keep an eye out for their loved ones and control such problems before they occur. Prevention is the best form of treatment.


16 Year Old Dies While Playing PUBG

  • thousands of children die everyday , why no news about them ? hundreds of children suicide due to education pressure but i don’t see a single article on them why ? All these articles on PUBG just to spread negativity and some clicks

  • O bas kardo pehle hi bari mushkil say Unban hui hei, bacha India mein mara hei aur ye bhi confirm nahi kay kiun mara hei, tum log utha kar Pakistan mein khabar laga detay ho.

  • It should say, that the kid dies due to the parent’s negligance by not enquiring about his health for 16 days. There isn’t anything to do with the gaming here.

    Its the parent’s fault not the game’s! What is wrong with you people.

  • Better you report, how many people in Pakistan hanging their children along with themselves due to the crisis created by this Govt. or the people who bring them in.
    how many families go down from the line of poverty.

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