POLL: Which One Of These Independence Day Campaigns By Pakistani Telcos Did You Find The Best (Or Worst)?

Pakistan celebrated its 74th Independence Day a few days ago. The fervor and festivity, as usual, were remarkable and greater than the previous year. There simply couldn’t be a better show of the nation’s love for the country than was observed on the streets in every corner of Pakistan on the eve of 14th August.

And as always, brands too didn’t let the opportunity go to connect better to the people by sharing patriotism. So, TV was bombarded with Independence Day campaigns, few of which were novel and creative, while others just struck the same old strings yet again. The prevalent theme, however, was the ‘new normal’ – the life in and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The country’s cellular operators launched their Independence Day ad campaigns too. Like other campaigns from different industries, some of the telcos’ ads were passé, some simply direct and to-the-point, and some showed there was some effort put in.

But that’s our judgment. Here, we’re listing all four cellular companies’ Independence Day campaigns and letting you be the judge of how well they pulled it off. Have a look and choose the one you found the best.

Zong 4G

Featuring Younis Khan, Jason Roy, and Atif Aslam, Zong reiterates its message of being “Pakistan’s number one network” on the indepedence day.


Telenor’s TVC leverages the ‘new normal’ and builds on its now clichéd “more se ziada” slogan. Featuring some emerging, real-world Pakistani heroes, the ad has one simple message: achieving “more se ziada” in the new normal.


In Jazz’s Independence Day TVC, Pakistan’s new crush (and Jazz’s new brand ambassador) Esra Bilgiç delivers a ‘Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak’ message from herself and, of course, Jazz 4G — this time in her own voice.


Ufone’s TVC celebrates Independence Day by paying tribute to the heroes fighting on the frontlines in the coronavirus pandemic. Although the idea is not new anymore, the ad does seem to pull it off by extending gratitude to security guards, delivery boys, doctors and paramedics, teachers, and Ufone’s own technical staff, all performing their duties diligently amid the unprecedented pandemic.

  • Zong is only telco operater which is providing best 4G speed in all over the Pakistan ..Zong Zinda Bad…

  • This is not about the service, this is about independence day campaigns (advertisement) by Pakistani telcos and clearly, the Ufone campaign was the best as they are giving tributes to our heroes.

  • Jazz is largest network of pakistan & No 1 & will be sustain same position forever.

    Jazz Duniya ko batado.

  • This campaign is bull shit. The votes only add when you vote for Zong. If you vote for any other OpCo the vote doesn’t get added. Typical of ProPakistani to run paid campaigns. What a digital whore.

  • Extremely pathetic poll. It is only changing the counts for Zong and not for any other opco. Must be a paid poll from Zong.

  • Jazz is largest network of pakistan & No 1 & will be sustain same position forever.

    Jazz Duniya ko batado.

  • Very Pathetic ProPakistani we are 3 friends sitting together and voted for Jazz Super 4G but votes are not changing and it looks paid media campaign for Zong.

  • What Zong campaign? You mean the post that they did as an after thought? Please dont disrespect the effort of other brands who actually made an effort with their campaigns.

    • Try voting for any other operator other than Zong and the count will not change. It is clearly a rigged poll. The Count is updated only when voted for Zong

  • Jazz is the best telco company which is providing best and better quality 4G.

    Jazz dunya ko bata do

  • Many people saying Jazz is the best. Sorry to say, Jazz is NOT the best. It’s not even OK to me. I acknowledge that Jazz has large customer base but that doesn’t make it THE BEST. First, 80-90% time call to a Jazz number is not clear and is faint and annoying. Second, they are cheaters and because of this reason I was forced to switch to Zong. Only after using Zong network in most areas of Pakistan I realised Zong 4G is better (if not best). I can foresee the future is in the hands of one who invests and provides fast internet. It doesn’t matter who has most customers. While the Jazz has been making money for decades and still not able to provide quality voice services to Pakistanis, leave alone its 4G internet, Zong on the other hand has been investing in their infrastructure since the beginning. They might not have 100% coverage but still they are reliable in terms of internet performance.

    P.S: I was originally Ufone customer ported to Jazz, and currently using Zong, satisfied so far.

  • Fake poll – Zong is emailing all employees to select zong. Who the hell even cares about Jason Roy (sounds like a programming language) when you have the smoke show at jazz.

  • Only Jazz… Best bundles on all the occasions.. Speed, price, coverage.. All in One (Jazz)

  • Jazz may be customer base above zong.But zong service is best than other operators especialy DATA

  • This survey is not about service, network or coverage. This is about patriotism. I’ll go with Ufone, tributing our national heros. Cz for Ufone “Tum He Tou Hou”.

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