PSO Introduces EURO-5 High-Octane Fuel in Pakistan

In the latest update, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has taken the podium as the first oil marketing company (OMC) to introduce EURO-5 fuel in Pakistan. PSO is a state-owned OMC that was perhaps bound to be the first company to introduce EURO-5 fuel since the government had been eagerly pushing for it for quite some time.

This is the first major development that’s been realized by the federal government to launch environment-friendly fuel. The fuel introduced for now is a High Octane RON 97 petrol and EURO-5 diesel fuel.

As per the reports, the Federal Minister for Energy, Mr. Omar Ayub Khan appreciated PSO for being the first OMC to bring up the fuel standards to EURO-5 in the country. He further stated that the said development is likely to create a huge positive impact on the climate of the country.

These hopes are of course backed by scientific evidence. Euro-5 fuel emits lower greenhouse gases on our environment, by cutting back the Sulphur content by 98% and Benzene content by 80% from the air, as a result, not only increasing the engine performance but also providing a healthier environment to live in.

Echoing the same promise, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Petroleum Division, Nadeem Babar said:

We owe it to our future generations to bequeath to them a planet worth living in. We are headed in the right direction and have taken key initiatives to overcome the challenges posed by climate change. Upgrading fuel standards is a major step towards a cleaner, greener Pakistan. PSO must be applauded for moving the country towards a better future.

  • Unfortunately, Imran Khan took another U-Turn over Euro5 Hi Octane price, they are selling it on usual Hi Octane price, not what IK promise.

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