Govt to Use Tiger Force for Surveillance of Public Services

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to employ the Tiger Force for the surveillance and improvement of public services.

It was decided in a consultation session on the Tiger Force E-governance plan during which Usman Dar, Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) on Youth Affairs, unveiled its future course of action.


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PM Imran has approved to implement the E-governance system which will empower Tiger Force volunteers to report issues pertaining to governance on the local level.

According to details, Tiger Force volunteers will be authorized to report issues identified in markets, educational institutions, public places, police stations, land record authorities, and local courts. They will also keep an eye on the prices of essential food and health items.

PM Imran also suggested expanding the membership of Tiger Force to educational institutes, adding that Tiger Force would help authorities in ensuring smooth reopening of colleges and universities under strict COVID-19 SOPs.


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He termed the support of youth as indispensable for the betterment of the country and said that Pakistani youngsters would be given a chance to play their role in improving the governance system of Pakistan through the implementation of the E-governance system.

SAPM on Youth Affairs briefed the meeting that over 100,000 new volunteers have applied to become a part of the governance system of Pakistan.

  • Imran Khan must remember that he is not the prime minister of PTI only. He is the PM of all Pakistanis. Why he is naming such organizations on his party’s name and party terms?. Why not all Pakistanis are included in such organizations?. We are watching PTI flags on government based schemes and this is so sad. We were protesting such practice against Nawaz Sharif and PPPP. But PTI is doing the same. Everywhere you see Imran Khan pictures and flags of PTI. This is the example of Showbaazi and personality worship in my view.

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