Here’s What Honda’s First All Electric Car Brings

Upon hearing about the term ‘EV’, the first image that springs to mind is that of a Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, or maybe even a Volkswagen. Of course, most of the aforementioned brands are the producers of high-end vehicles only. However, with their new proposition, Honda seeks to introduce the world to the idea of “every man’s Electric Vehicle (EV)”.


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Honda e is the company’s first mini-hatchback that runs on an all-electric drivetrain. Released in Europe in the beginning of August of this year, the car is intended to be driven in dense city traffic. The car has a 35 KW/h battery, which allows it to be driven up to about 230 kilometers on a single charge.

The battery charge time from zero to full can take up to 4 hours on a fast charge, however, if you just use a normal 3 pin plug, the charging time can take up to 18 hours. The range topping Honda e variant is equipped with a single electric motor that makes 154 horsepower and sends all that power to the rear wheels. The low-end version is equipped with a different electric motor that makes 136 horsepower and gets better mileage.

Both variants have the regenerative braking feature, which means that, when activated, the feature allows for automatic braking that recharges the battery as well.

As for the rest of the features, the top end variant of the car is loaded with kit such as a panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist and a radar detection feature, heated steering wheel with multimedia switches, cameras instead of side mirrors, an interior rearview mirror/camera, 6 airbags as standard among other features.

The car also comes equipped with a huge infotainment system. There are 5 screens that span across the entire width of the dashboard, one for the front passenger, one in the center for general use, another for the driver with all the vital info of the car, and 2 on either side that act as side-view mirrors. This might be a nice new design, but it might also be a bit costly and generally hard to maintain.

Of course, all of the aforementioned features come at a hefty price tag of about $39,000 (6.6 million Pakistani Rupees). However, even in the foreign market, with competitors such as the Mini Cooper EV, Renault Zoe, Peugeot e-208, Volkswagen e-up etc. the Honda e is likely to struggle as all of its competitors are priced lower and offer better mileage. Still, the looks and the innovative features of the Honda e may just win a fair few EV buyers over.


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