Charlie Hebdo Trends As Twitter Condemns Publishing of Blasphemous Cartoons

French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has once again pulled off a cheap publicity stunt by deciding to republish Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.) cartoon.

The blasphemous cartoons will be published today in the French weekly as a trial linked to the killing of 12 members of its staff in 2015 by extremists begins. Back in 2015, Yemen-based Al-Aqida gunmen dunned downed satirical newspaper’s staff, killing 12 and wounding another dozen.

The reason behind the attack was the newspaper’s publishing of Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.) caricatures in 2006 portraying him as an extremist. Before that, the same cartoons were printed in a Danish magazine, sparking anger among Muslims across the globe.

Marking the 5th anniversary of the incident, the publishing director, Laurent Sourisseau, who was also wounded in the attack, said:

We will never give up. The hatred that struck us is still there and, since 2015, it has taken the time to mutate, to change its appearance, to go unnoticed and to quietly continue its ruthless crusade. The only reasons not to reprint the cartoons stem from political or journalistic cowardice.

In one of the cartoons, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) can be seen wearing a bomb-shaped turban. French President, Emmanuel Macron, has also refused to condemn the reprinting of blasphemous cartoons, adding that although he wants people to be respectful to each other, he won’t criticize the decision to republish the images.


Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Blasphemy on Social Media

Social media is full of hatred for the French weekly as #ShameOnCharlieHebdo is one of the top trends in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at what people are saying about the matter:

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  • Muslims are giving importance to an unknown type of magazine in France. This is their aim to get attention Ultimately Muslims will ban Youtube and will burn their cities and buildings like they did last time. Learn from your past mistakes. These magazines want attention and you are giving them importance by highlighting them everywhere. Avoid them and they will never get any attention.

    • Exactly. Generating controversy is their aim. You’re giving them exactly what they want which is more attention. More controversy = more copies sold for these people.

  • Do the people of Pakistan know that the trigger of this event came from Turkey when they changed a famous Orthodox Church to a Mosque. That Church was the holy place for Orhtodox Christians. It was like a Bait ul Maqdas for them. It is a small retaliation by France. We were so happy at the action of Turkey and were live telecasting it in Pakistan. Now the world will not be with us. We destroyed the Church for our needs. and non-Muslims will not listen to us this time.

  • The new world order is simple. You give respect to get respect. It is a lesson for us to respect holy places and symbols of non Muslims in our countries. We are desecrating Churches and Hindu places in our countries and they are doing the same with our symbols. Turkey has done that recently and we never condemned that action that why a Church is changed to a Mosque. The world will not support Muslims when we will not give the same respect to them that we want from others.

    • It doesn’t matter who started first. We condemn it and will take any action necessary to take out those pictures. There are no high road here in this situation, it is who wants more, like the Jews want holocaust to be their thing only and anyone should be penalized who makes fun of it.

      If you want to sit quiet like the Christians did then sit quiet and let them roll over you, but please do not stop others from wanting something better.

      • It does matter who started first. Our own mistakes sometimes come in front of us. Also Alima what you will do?. Get on the streets and protest and damage your own cities like we did last time?. Also for your information Christians are not sitting quietly. They are now electing Right Wing parties in their countries. Trump is winning because of the same reasons. Right wing is sweeping across Europe. The new world is not protesting but silently achieving their goals. Muslims are being discriminated in jobs and in normal life in West and this is a form of protest as well. Think logically from your brain, rather from emotions.

        • Stop being melodramatic and think all Pakistanis are violent. Just because you live under a rock doesn’t mean there aren’t sane Muslims protesting in the world by using saner means.

          And who said that the all the right wing parties are Christian based and are doing things silently? Those right wing parties have nothing to do with religion, but are more concerned about immigration and their rights to all entitlements first. Them being Anti Muslim is just an excuse to remove a community much more faster.

          Kindly stop making excuses, stop your belittling of others and bar others from what is their right to protest.

  • And there is some idiot in Pakistan building Eiffel tower, we should destroy all Eiffel tower build in Pakistan, call to all muslim Pakistani to destroy them.

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