Pak Suzuki Launches a “Mega-Savings” Offer for Customers

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) just announced through their social media that they have launched a “mega-savings” offer for new car buyers. As per the offer, those who choose to buy the new Suzuki Alto AGS or the new Wagon R VXL can now save up to Rs. 156,258 and Rs. 156,335 respectively, whereas those who opt for the new Wagon R AGS, can save up to Rs. 172,717 on their purchase.

As per the automaker, you can save money through one-year free maintenance, free registration, zero markups, and on the insurance of the aforementioned vehicles. You can see the break-down of these savings with respect to each car in the video below:

As per PSMC, it is a limited time offer and shall be awarded to the buyers on a first-come-first-served basis. It must be noted though that the company has not revealed a deadline for the offer. Among the things that the company has not revealed are the conditions to avail the offer which must be accounted for by each buyer prior to making the purchase decision.

PSMC has been trying to push their cars with the new AGS technology for quite some time now. There have been no reports pertaining to its reliability or lack thereof thus far. But the cars are priced incredibly high, hence PSMC’s relentless efforts to sell the aforementioned cars with the AGS gearbox.

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