Xiaomi Launches Sports ECG T-shirt for Fitness Enthusiasts

Xiaomi’s offshoot MIJIA, known for its smart lifestyle products, has just launched an ECG T-shirt focused on helping athletes and sports enthusiasts manage their activity level more efficiently.

Design and Construction

The MIJIA Sports ECG T-shirt has been designed like any other sports T-shirt. It is made using a seamlessly integrated weaving process that provides high breathability and elasticity. The latter allows for a tight fit for added support without restricting the user’s movement.

The most notable aspect regarding this T-shirt is the ECG bean at the center that is designed to capture micro signals generated by the users’ heartbeat. The ECG beans use COTECH sensor fiber to capture these signals.

Other features

The ECG T-shirt can record data in real-time with a maximum time limit of 60 seconds and a sampling rate of 250 times per second. Hence, users can efficiently and accurately map their activity in real-time. This can not only help in rigorous training sessions but can also prove as a guide for a comprehensive analysis of the user’s physical state.

The ECG bean module also has an LED indicator in the middle, which reveals heart rate intervals, and can differentiate between different states as well.

Pricing and Availability

The MIJIA Sports ECG T-shirt is currently available for sale in China for $44. Although global availability has not been confirmed, it might come to Pakistan via mistore.pk.