Google Introduces Android 11 Go for Entry Level Phones

Earlier this week, Google announced a stable build of Android 11 for smartphones, now Google has launched the Go edition of the OS meant for phones with up to 2GB RAM. The OS is reserved for entry-level devices from a broad range of smartphone OEMs. Apart from this, older devices running on Android Go will also get an update, however, the list has not been revealed yet.

Android Go borrows almost all of its key features from Android 11. These features include:

  • Grouped notifications chat applications: It keeps all the notifications of the ongoing conversations grouped in one place, they’re far less likely to get lost among your other notifications. Conversations will be given precedence over other notifications.
  • One-time permissions: Whenever an application prompts the user for permission related to location, microphone, or camera, the permissions prompt now contains an option called Only this time. If the user selects this option, the app is granted temporary one-time permission.

  • Swipe-based gesture navigation system: This will allow users to interact with menus using swipe motion. Users can go to the home screen, navigate backward, and fluidly switch between apps using simple swipes.

  • Safe Folders: Which will allow users to protect sensitive files with a 4-digit PIN inside the Google Files app.

Apart from this, Google has promised 20 percent faster app launches as well. Users will be able to run three to four more apps in the background with the new Go-edition OS.

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