Careem Pledges to Support Restaurants All Over Pakistan

The ride-hailing service turned Super App, Careem has stepped in to help Pakistani restaurants cope with the financial challenges that they are facing in the aftermath of coronavirus lockdowns and the resultant blow to businesses that has severely affected their operability and profit margins.

In an open letter to the restaurant owners of the country, CEO and General Manager of Careem Pakistan, Zeeshan Baig, has pledged to support the Pakistani food businesses in the grave challenges that they are currently wrestling through a comprehensive and highly flexible partnership proposition.

In the letter, Careem has acknowledged that restaurants are making thin profit margins at the moment. Keeping this in view, the company has proposed a flexible commission in the range of 15% to 20% with an annual commitment for the entire financial year. It will also cover all operational costs incurred by Careem.

The proposed commission will be introduced only after taking restaurants on board. The document also assures that any change in the commission margin in the future will be approved after holding mutual discussions with restaurants.

Moreover, Careem has vowed to uphold the right of the restaurants to continue their own food delivery service in parallel with Careem’s. It has suggested to further slash the 15% to 20% commission in case a restaurant partner opts for the self-delivery option.

Careem has unequivocally mentioned that it will not tie down restaurants to any exclusivity clauses in the contract; rather it would provide them a conducive environment that would help their businesses to grow.

Lastly, Careem has announced a special package for restaurants affiliated with the All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA). APRA members will be eligible for even more relaxed commercial and operational terms.

Careem stepped into Pakistan with the launch of its ride-hailing service back in 2016. In June of present year, it launched an all-new Super App and added food delivery service, operational already in Karachi, along with numerous other services. The company is planning to extend its food delivery service to Lahore in October followed by Islamabad.

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