Students from Karachi Build a ‘Burger Bot’ That Makes a Burger in One Minute

When the quest for delicious food meets the technology, inventions like ‘The Burger Bot’ come into being. As the name suggests, we are referring to a machine that makes a burger in less than two minutes.

Developed by a group of engineering students at Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi, the machine can prepare a variety of burgers in just one minute and 20 seconds.


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Speaking to a private news channel, one of the students, Sabeeh Siddiqui, said that he always wanted to become a chef but joined the engineering field on his parents’ wish.

As I’m a fast-food lover, I wanted to build something that joins the two professions.

Sabeeh said that The Burger Bot is his brainchild and was built with the help of his friends.


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Another student of his group, Mubeen Fareed, noted that the machine has an HMI panel with customized options of beef, chicken, and cheeseburgers.

Customers can have a burger of their choice on one command.

More than Rs. 100, 000 were spent on developing this machine, Sabeeh said, adding that it will soon be available for commercial use.

Here is the video:

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