FBR to Offer Support Services to Taxpayers Through Social Media Handles

The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue has directed to make the official social media handles of FBR interactive by resolving the online queries of the taxpayers and the general public through live response.

FATE wing’s PR Section is handling the official social media handles of FBR on Twitter (@FBRSpokesperson), Facebook (Federal Board of Revenue) and Youtube (Secretary PR FBR).

According to issued notification by FBR (Revenue Division) FATE Wing, all the members of FBR/Directors Generals are requested to nominate focal persons who could be approached for seeking a crisp and quick response on the queries asked by the taxpayers on social media.

The screenshots of the queries will be shared with the focal persons of the wings and Directorates-General on their WhatsApp number for preparation of short and crisp reply suitable for social media.

The prepared reply will be sent to the Secretary PR on the WhatsApp number by the focal persons for posting on the social media, who will seek prior approval of spokesperson FBR.

This office will ensure that only important issues/queries are taken up for response and after replying once in a twitter thread, the person will be requested to connect with the official FBR helpline, read the notification.

The notification further added that all the members of FBR/Directors General are requested to share their name and WhatsApp number of their focal person at the earliest.

Through this, the taxpayer can put forward their queries and seek resolution to most of the issues that they face.

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