Logitech Launches a Mouse for Zoom Calls

With work from home going strong, keyboard, mice, and webcams have become the hottest selling tech accessories these days. As demand for these accessories rise, companies are working on launching new products that can do as much as possible at a lower price.

The recently launched Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse, a follow up to the Anywhere 2s, has been specifically designed for people whose in-person meetings have been replaced by video calls.

Design and Construction

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse looks a lot like its predecessor Anywhere 2s and is the same size as well. However, the new Anywhere mouse 3 comes with new silicone side grips and a slightly higher bump on its back to make it more comfortable.

It also sports a new metal MagSpeed wheel, which is smaller than the one we saw on MX Master 3.

Side button functionality

The mouse comes with customizable side buttons to control camera and mic settings during video chats. However, that is not all. On top of these presets, there are a couple of app-specific actions users can choose from while customizing the buttons. Note that these functions are limited to Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Final Cut Pro, and now Zoom.

According to Logitech, these new functions and customizations let users press a side button to start/stop their video feed, or mute/unmute the mic, while on a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video call. These apropos make it easier to unmute yourself when you need to answer while attending a virtual meeting quickly.

Other features

One of the best features of this new device is the 4000 DPI Darkfield sensor that helps it track any material, even glass, and the wheel has customizable middle-click functionality that users can choose in Logitech Options.

Pricing and Availability

The mouse is available for pre-order in two versions (universal version and macOS) on Logitech’s website for $79.