Making Pakistan Clean & Green for Future Generations

Pakistan is striving to implement and practice environmental preservation for the betterment of future generations. Prime Minister Imran Khan, too recently initiated the ‘10 Billion Tree Tsunami movement’ after the success of his Billion Tree Tsunami movement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

Planting trees, along with more initiatives of similar nature, are imperative to keep the country clean and green for a pollution-free environment for the existing citizens and our future generations.

Trees help regulate the environment, ecology, and climate of a region. In simpler terms, the number of trees is directly proportional to the wellbeing of humans throughout the world. They fight off carbon-rich pollution, normalize oxygen levels, and help increase vegetation as a source of sustenance for the animal kingdom.

Not to forget that we, as humans,  get inspired by nature especially surrounded by trees and plantation as we breathe in fresh air and witness nature in all its glory.

The recent tree plantation movement in Pakistan has motivated the local corporate sector to follow this trend as well. Just recently PTCL invited Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) Syed Aminul Haque along with the Federal Secretary (MoITT) and the higher-ups of PTCL to plant tree saplings in their Islamabad based Headquarter.

PTCL headquarter is also among the few green buildings in Pakistan as recognized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Furthermore, following the Clean and Green Pakistan trend, Nestle Pakistan also donated 5,000 trees to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad a few days back.

We need more companies that are direct stakeholders in the wellbeing of Pakistan to come forward and contribute to this venture in the times to come. Not only are the corporate sector players like PTCL and Nestle (with their support for the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami movement) doing their part, but we also see this movement taking hold on an individual level as people across the country are contributing to plant for Pakistan.

Local and foreign environmentalists have also applauded the ‘Green Stimulus’ package that supported the daily wagers during recent lockdowns due to Covid-19

Pakistan has yet again made a global impact, even though the country has various other challenges itself. Pakistan has made big ripples in the global environment-related SDGs. As the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami movement goes on till 2023, we all hope that we continue to make efforts for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle even when we have achieved our target.

Let’s make Pakistan cleaner and greener!