Nearly 0.5 Million People Die in Pakistan Due To Heart Disease

Heart disease is on the rise in Pakistan due to which 4 to 5 lakh people die of heart disease in Pakistan every year.

While expressing their views on the Occasion of World Heart Day, health experts and doctors of Dow University of Health said that heart diseases are on the rise all over the world, affecting 25 million people worldwide every year. They fall prey to diseases and die.

But in developed countries, a balanced diet and exercise have significantly reduced the number of deaths from the disease, but unfortunately people in Pakistan do not take care of a balanced diet and light exercise to take care of their health.

Professor Nawaz Lashari said that in Pakistan, the elderly used to suffer from heart diseases, but unfortunately the disease is spreading rapidly among the younger people due to smoking, which includes cigarettes, betel leaf, gatka and mawakhana. He said that every person should get in the habit of walking daily, 45 minutes of walking can significantly reduce the prevention of this disease.

On the occasion, Dr. Ashar Afaq, Registrar, Dow University of Health Sciences, said that corona virus can be fatal for heart patients, so keep a distance of at least 6 feet from each other, use a mask, exercise daily. By following them, we will not only save ourselves from the disease but also prove to be beneficial to our loved ones and society, as well as avoid unnecessary expenses incurred on the disease. It is the responsibility of students, teachers, parents and everyone in the community to guide people to a balanced diet, daily exercise and a simple life, and the media is an important resource.

On this occasion, Prof. Ishaq said that the use of junk food in Pakistan, relaxation, use of elevators and other methods that reduce physical exercise is increasing, we should use the stairs, it will help not only Cholesterol and even sugar will be under control.

He said that the public should inculcate the habit of simple life and exercise in our children from childhood. With moderation in diet we can avoid any major problems, nowadays even heart diseases due to domestic problems. It is increasing rapidly, proper exercise provides energy to our heart, he said, adding that 20% of people in Pakistan suffer from high blood pressure, 10% from diabetes and 30% from obesity, which is the leading cause of heart disease. In this regard, the attitude of our society is irresponsible.

After the Corona epidemic, the problems have increased for the people suffering from heart diseases. This disease proves to be fatal for the people suffering from heart diseases. Therefore, under normal circumstances, keep a distance of at least 6 feet and use a balanced diet, he added.

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