FBR Intelligence Arm Raids a Shoe Manufacturing Factory in Lahore

In a drive against registered persons involved in massive evasion of sales tax, the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Inland Revenue, Lahore raided the business premises of a shoe manufacturing unit in Lahore on 30th September under Section 38 and 40 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

The shoe manufacturing unit was engaged in manufacturing and making taxable supplies of footwear etc. while consuming huge amounts of raw materials and electricity but had deliberately filed “NILL” sales tax returns since July 2015 to avoid payment of due sales tax, hence was involved in tax fraud.

During the search, a certain record was impounded which is under scrutiny and further investigation in this regard is underway, stated a press release.

The Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation-Inland Revenue intends to intensify such operations in order to detect tax fraud and stop huge revenue leakage being caused to the national exchequer.

  • When the exporters will get thier sales tax be refunds being rejected by faster on bogus objections.
    What kind of this computer system which cannot tell these sleeping authorities that the exporter has exported the material on which he has paid the sales tax and the system should automatically refund his tax into the account.

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