PCB Website Goes Down After Record Traffic Due to National T20 Cup

The official website of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is currently down. The ongoing National T20 Cup has garnered a massive fan following on social media as many are redirected to PCB’s official website for live scores and updates over the past couple of days and this may be the reason that the official website of PCB is not working.

PCB’s efforts to improve the standards of domestic cricket and ensure more engagement with the fans have proven to be fruitful over the past few days. Since the start of the tournament, a huge number of fans are seen sharing their views on the T20 competition. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have thousands of followers actively taking part in the National T20 Cup conversation.


Online Betting Starts on National T20 Cup as Hype Increases

The traffic on PCB’s official website may have gone through an anomaly. Generally, during the PSL season, the interaction of cricket fans increases and traffic on the website is unmatched, but this year’s National T20 Cup has seen a similar sort of interest.

It remains to be seen how quickly PCB can get their website back up again.