Here is Why PEMRA Stopped Mehwish Hayat’s Gala Biscuit Ad from Airing on TV

The Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan, and senior journalist Ansar Abbasi have criticized the new Gala biscuit TV commercial for its indecent content.

The TVC, released on October 4, was shared by actress Mehwish Hayat on her Twitter account.

The renowned journalist dubbed her performance as ‘mujra’ and called for Pakistan Electronic Media (PEMRA) to act against it. He also tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet.


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Sharing Abbasi’s tweet, Ali Muhammad Khan also criticized the TVC, saying that the Prime Minister is firmly against broadcasting such indecency on TV.

His comments, however, attracted sarcasm from the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, who asked Ali to focus on some creative work.

The TVC, which features bold dancing moves, was subsequently stopped from airing by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). The media watchdog issued an advisory on the type of advertisement content permissible on TV.


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The PEMRA advisory came following an uproar on social media against some television adverts over the “violation of the commonly accepted standards of decency but also socio-cultural norms of Pakistani society.”

PEMRA said that it has received several complaints regarding the TV commercials for everyday use items like biscuits promoting indecency in the society.

The authority urged the Pakistan Broadcaster Association (PBA), the Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA), and the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) to sensitize their members about the public’s concerns and to review the content for the Gala biscuit ad specifically, keeping the public’s apprehensions and the relevant provisions of the Electronic Media (Programs and Advertisements) Code of Conduct, 2015 in view.

All stakeholders are further advised to stop the rampant use of themes/content which does not correspond with the nature of the products.

Therefore, the regulator has asked all TV channels to get visuals of advertisements reviewed by the In-House Monitoring Committee before telecasting.

  • I have like love hate relationship with Fawad Dabbu. I absolutely despise his Political views but at the same time I love when he shows middle finger to religious Zealots.

  • 1st. Really do not like the ad. there is no creativity. Just same beautiful girl dancing in front of camera to sell biscuit which is not relevant to dance, clothes, chery on top, song. Gala itself is a good product and does not require such below the belt marketing. Can’t we put some mind in creating creative content which appeal to viewer of all ages. At least you can copy idea from some other countries.
    2nd. There are things which should not be in ads and there are things which should not have ads. this falls in first category. surely, our fraction of community like such thing but that is not publicly shown(like dance, bhangs and guns) :D.
    3rd. All ads, dramas telecast on cable channels should be reviewed thoroughly as little kids don’t know what sort of lessons they are getting from such idiots through idiot box.
    4th. MNAs are reflection of their people who elected them. Fawad CH. disappointed them on many occasions. There is no need for such CHus unless someone ask for his take.

  • Doesn’t make any sense, as some famous journalist took notice of it and tagged PM in the tweet, doesn’t mean we should ban it. I found many other commercial inappropriate then this one. Sad to see our society is being controlled by trends instead of logic.

  • umm because unlike “KALONJI” ki hadees wala ad it didn’t start with This hadith is brought to you by kinda caption & also FEDERAL MINISTER is misogynist………… so yeah

  • I didnt find any indecent content in the ad as compared to the JOSH ads which are constantly aired on our televisions…. Rather the ad was overall stupid and not creative at all. Also the jingle/song was too bad, I really hoped that they ban it for being a stupid non sense ad instead of commenting on any indecency lol… This unworthy ad only got more mileage because of that haha

  • And what about dramas ek ladki kabhi kisi KO phasa rahi hai kabhi kisi sy chakar chala rahi hair no matter wo khud married hai ya jis KO phasa rahi hai wo married hai kahan ly kar Jana cha rahy hain qoum KO writers apny gher ki kahani KO mashra main hota hai keh kar dekha rahy hain lanat hai fawad tum KO he nazar nahi ata

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