ITP Resumes Driver’s License Issuance Under COVID-19 Protocols

After being closed for over 6 months, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has officially resumed driver’s license issuance services. The department has told the media that they shall be carrying out their duties while ensuring stern enforcement of the state-issued COVID-19 related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

An ITP official has reported that they are offering 250 tokens per day on a ‘first come first served’ basis, so as for the office to not get too crowded and for the officials to make sure that the people maintain a safe distance from one another.


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The official also stated that the use of facemasks, gloves, and hand sanitizers have been mandated for the entire staff working at the office. In his statement, the official also urged the senior citizens to not come to the ITP office until the pandemic is over.

Even though the stipulation of 250 tokens per day is being enforced for the wellbeing of the staff and the public, the latter seemed to be bothered by this new provision.


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One of the license holders, Zahid Majeed, told the media that his license had expired in July and because the tokens had run out by the time he arrived at the office, he’d have to wait another day to get his license renewed. He expressed his displeasure and said that ITP should increase the number of tickets per day.

The officials stated that the operations will continue under the current stipulation for the time being, and shall be brought back to normal schedule once the situation pertaining to the virus has normalized.