Shafqat Mahmood Responds to News About Closing Schools from 15 October

Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood, has rejected spurious reports suggesting that the government is mulling over shutting down schools from 15 October once following the rising number of Coronavirus cases among students and teachers.

Taking to Twitter, the Federal Minister said:

Likewise, Punjab’s Education Minister, Murad Raas, has also denied similar reports, urging the public to adhere to Coronavirus SOPs.


Academic activities in educational institutes across the country resumed on 15 September, almost six months after the federal government had decided to shut down educational institutes following the outbreak of Coronavirus in Pakistan.


KP Bans Morning Assemblies and Breaks in Schools

On 29 September, Mahmood revealed that only 1284 students and teachers out of 171,400 had tested positive for COVID-19 since 15 September.

Overall, Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have crossed 316,000 while 6,535 deaths have been reported so far. In the last 24 hours, Pakistan has reported 634 new Coronavirus cases and 12 deaths.

  • Lakin sir hr school mn kb teachers aur students ka test ho rha h yh test tu big cities k big school k ho rhy hn.sir mery Masha Allah s 3childrn school Ka rhy hn koi test nhi hua koi sop per aml nhi ho rha jb koi check krny ata h gatekeeper pehly s inform kr deata h bus 10mint sops p aml hota h,hmary bachy hi hmara sarmaya hn

  • I don’t understand why we have to play with the lives of children and teachers? We all know that every country on globe has gone through a severe second wave of the covid-19 virus. Pakistan is no exception. Why then despite of knowing that there could be a spike in cases and deaths why to take such a risk? A life lost is irreplaceable. Think!

  • It’s very true no one follow sop’s , it’s only like ” Dil k behlanay ko ghalib ye khayal acha ha” ,Sop’s ka sirf behlawa hi hai . No one asked from the parents before opening the school , govt. and school authorities are playing with the lives of our kids.Schools should be closed until vaccine doesn’t come here

  • یہاں تو یو ای ٹی جیسی بڑی یونیورسٹی
    میں کوئی ایک
    Sop follow nhi ho ri… Yhi hal ky jub koi aye ga foran sub ko kaha jye gaa… Ky mask pahn laan. Nhi tu foran canteen sy lao aur pahno.
    Batn hain sari. Jan kili hui aj kal uni jany walon ky ggar walon ki bhi aur tu aur itni naam wali uni aur hal.
    No one cares about….

  • my younger sisters are going to school and they all strictly follow SOP’s…and it is also revealed that wearing face masks is very effective against COVID-19.

  • Aoa , Govt take a decision about any type, but they give not proper facilities, no body think about COVID -19 , but one thing is that the next month is winter season children have issues with their self, like fever,flu,cough etc on that situation what should we have?
    If schools will be closed then may be it will secure for our children but we also worries about their studies. Every student are not going tuition ,every student parents aren’t literate. So some issues are there. So we’ve to secure our child first after that move to the next , if they are not secure ,not healthy then nothing can be good .

  • Sir
    As a citizen of Pakistan it is our duty and priority to obey the rules and regulations . We will Insha Allah play a key role in fighting with this situation. Allah bless you.

  • Sir sop’s amal tu nahi horaha jin bacho ko fever ho ya pir zokam wo school atin hain koye checkup nahi hain na hi koye test howa hain .cases zyada horahin hain. agar hamari bacho ko koch howa tu kis ko pakrin.ap ko chahiye k schools par strick action lin jo sops par amal nahi kartin

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