CDWP Approved 8 Projects Worth Rs. 36 Billion and Recommended 7 Projects to ECNEC

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved 08 projects worth Rs. 36 billion and recommended 07 projects worth Rs. 233.014 billion to ECNEC for consideration.


The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meeting on Monday was chaired by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan.

Senior officials from Planning Commission and federal ministries/divisions also participated in the meeting while representatives from provincial governments participated through video conference.

Projects related to Environment, Physical Planning, Transport & Communications, Water Resources and Education were presented in the meeting.

Two projects related to Environment were presented in the meeting. The first project titled “Sind Resilience project (PDMA Component Phase-II” worth Rs. 15309.14 million was referred to ECNEC. The project objective is to enhance resilience to natural disasters, including public health emergency response and resource management during public health emergencies.

The second project related to Environment namely “Developing Revenue Linkage between Marmara Research Center, Turkey & Pakistan Metrological Department Pakistan” worth Rs. 168.308 million was approved by CDWP.


Two projects related to Physical Planning were presented in the meeting. The first project titled “Solid Waste Emergency and Efficiency Project” worth Rs. 17661 million was referred to ECNEC. The proposed project will finance intervention that will be implemented over two phases

  • In the immediate emergency response phase, activities will mitigate high flooding risks linked to the 2020 monsoon and caused by the accumulation of solid waste and sludge in the city.
  • The project will improve backbone SWM infrastructure and service delivery to address the underlying risk factors leading to the recurring emergency flooding situation.

The second project as titled “Contraction of New Building for Supreme Court Branch Registry at Karachi Registry Saddar, A.M area Karachi” worth Rs. 4423.04 million was approved in the meeting.

Two projects related to Transport & Communications namely “Widening and carpeting Bonni -Buzund -Torkhow road (28Km) District Chitral” worth Rs. 1219.880 million was approved by the CDWP. The project envisages improvement and carpeting of 28 Km long section of the Bonni- Buzund- Torkhow road to make it all-weather roads.

It will improve a pavement width of 12 feet with 3 feet shoulder on each side along with the construction of 4 Nos.

The second project namely “Construction /up-gradation of Dirgi Shahbozai to Tonusa Sharif Road” worth Rs. 8943.544 million was approved by CDWP.

Two-position papers related to Transport and Communications were also presented in the meeting. First project namely “Construction of Gwadar Tatodero Road Project M-8” worth Rs. 38026.28 million and Up-gradation widening and Construction of Surab Hoshab Road N-85” worth Rs. 28823.549 million, both projects were recommended to ECNEC for further approval.


Three projects related to Water Resources and one Position Paper were presented in the meeting. The first project titled “Flood Protection Sector Project-III NFPP-IV” worth Rs. 95980 million, the second project titled “Sind resilience Project for Strengthening Flood Embankments & Construction Small Dams includes System for Improving Resilience” worth Rs. 23701.91 million were referred to ECNEC.

The third project namely “Construction of 100 Small Dams in Balochistan- Package-III” worth Rs. 8877.283 million was referred to ECNEC.

The objective of the project is to harness flood flows for direct irrigation, groundwater recharge, agriculture development and poverty alleviation through environmentally acceptable and sustainable projects. Ministry of Water Resources also presented one position paper titled “Construction of 100 Small Dams in Balochistan” worth Rs. 13, 512.725 million was recommended to ECNEC for approval.

Three projects related to Education were presented in the meeting. First project namely “Establishment of National Curriculum Council Secretariat” worth Rs. 425.10 million, second project namely “Establishment and Operation of Basic Education Community Schools in the Country” worth Rs. 7701.757 million, the third project titled “Improving Human Development Indicators in Pakistan with focus on MDGs relating to Education and six EFA goals” worth Rs. 4276.408 million were approved by CDWP.



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